What a Good E-Bayer should Have

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Even though I have already written this down elsewhere. I feel it is important enough to repeat

     I have made a couple of MEGA cock-ups. But thanks to the other people involved, good comms and a lot of thoughtfulness and kindness. They were resolved most amicably. And when the shoe was on the other foot, I can say they were answered in kind. ( A mile in their moccassins syndrome! )

     What I hate is too little too late, or total lack of communication. My other gripe is feedback. If you pay or are paid straight away, then the buyer has met his/her side of the sale. For this, good feedback should always be left. If the seller is quick and thoughtful, again good feedback should always be left. It means a lot to receive it. As it shows others what you are like and if you are worth dealing with. Always look at other people's feedback! 

     I ask and answer as many questions  that I can. That way if something is not right, it can be rectified as quickly as possible. Be courteous and thoughtful ( Do unto them as you would want done unto you. But do it first! ) & [courtesy costs nothing, but in itself is priceless.] poprune chapter 5 verse 4 & 5

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