What are all the different human hair types??

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Human hair, virgin hair, Euro hair, wefted hair, remy hair, the list is endless dont you agree??
It can be very confusing buying hair for hair extensions.
A quick run down from a professional.
Human hair comes in many forms/ types.
Russian- very fine more like the texture of Europeans, smooth and long lasting ( if processed correctly), most sellers have it in its raw state straight from the head, this still has all the very short bits in the bundle , not very good for hair extensions as it is, as it needs these short hairs removing. Once removed provide excellent extension hair.
Can also be found by very very few suppliers hand tied ( wefted) very pricey indeed! £ 400+
Some sellers mostly Uk based will supply it single drawn ( some of the short hairs removed) This has a tapered finish ( like layers) and runs to a point at the ends of the hair.
We sell both double drawn and single drawn. The double drawn i make myself and remove all the short hairs giving you thicker ends and a fuller finish to your extensions.
European hair- Similar to the above but some dark colours will be from certain areas of Europe where the texture will be similar to Indian hair and have more wave to it. Still very very good hair as long as it has been processed correctly. If you see weaves advertised on ebay stating European weave and the price tag is around 20-40 pounds then forget it being European - not a chance will this be the real thing- i see this more and more every day and it makes me angry that the public are getting conned.Most of this stuff comes from factories in china ( i call it factory hair). It is mass produced and poor quality. Today they are even now calling this hair Russian as in 2013 ebay is covered with wefts stating it is Russian virgin hair and clearly at a price that is too good to be true.
If you do find a true European wefted hair then expect to pay at least £300 plus for it!! not £30.00. Even more if it is Russian hair.
Asian hair- the most common you will see on ebay, wefted, loose, pre bonded. Again you can find good stuff as it all depends on how it has been processed, if treated well it will last around 4 months only ( the good stuff only that is) Buy cheap expect a cheap look- simple. Under the same label is chinese hair, this is highly processed to removed the layers to make it resemble a finer texture, so removing these layers takes away the quality. Mass produced in factories, perfect for short term cheap extensions. Yes you get what you pay for 30-50 dont expect much in the way of a quality extension, short term yes great- long term forget it, you need European or russian and applied by a professional for long term wearing.
Indian hair- More and more Indian hair is hitting the Uk market these days- great hair as long as it is processed correctly. If you are dark brown even better you need the virgin hair ( untreated) will last you many months. shinny beautiful hair with no chemicals. If you are bleached blonde, then it wont last as long, heavy bleaching to make dark brown to platinum takes away that shinny beautiful hair. Again if you see weaves ( wefts) advertised on ebay chances are they are Asian if they are very blonde and priced at 30-50, A good weft with indian hair should set you back more like £100-£150.
Virgin hair- i see this soooo many times on ebay and the hair in the picture is bleached blonde, virgin hair will consist of dark to light browns only, blondes are very very rare indeed and will be Russian or European and even then they will be a dark blonde.
Virgin means- untreated- untreated being no chemicals- no dyes, so no blondes!!!
Remy ahhh the word remy, so misused these days- Remy correct spelling remis as it is French. means the hair is cuticle correct, the right way as it should be. It is not a brand nor a brand name.
so what extensions would you like? long term , short term.
spend as much as you can afford, dont go for the cheap stuff you will only be wasting your money.
Very short term- consider a clip but dont expect it to last many nights out.
Short term- Asian hair/ chinese hair, if pre bonded make sure who is putting them in knows what they are doing( i have seen too many bad hair extensions in my 25 years) same applies to wefts too.
Long term- Russian, European or virgin Indian, bonded in with regular maintenance, by this i mean every 4 weeks have them inspected and removed re-applied where needed.
Happy shopping!
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