What are palm wax candles & why are they eco friendly?

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What is palm wax?

Palm wax is 100% natural & is an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin based wax. The production process is similar to that of olive oil, the fruits of the oil palm tree are simply pressed to extract the oil, & then distilled to produce the wax

How does this help the environment?

  • Palm wax comes from renewable & sustainable sources.

  • It is cleaner burning than paraffin wax, producing less soot & fewer harmful emissions, yet it gives a longer burn time & a whiter flame

  • The production of palm wax is very clean & uses no harmful solvents or catalysts, unlike paraffin or soy wax production

  •  Palm wax is non GM, unlike soy wax (which often includes paraffin wax in the formula) & is organic

  • Farmed from carefully sustained & managed plantations in West Malaysia, this palm wax does not come from any source which contributes to the destruction of the tropical rainforest & wildlife habitats

Switch to palm wax candles today!

We sell a whole range of candles made from organic palm / vegetable wax. They are handmade, fair trade & are not tested on animals. Our range includes scented & non scented candles in various colours, shapes & sizes.  

Our best seller is the vanilla & orange scented 3" pillar candle priced at £3.99. It is a lovely gold colour with a beautiful marbled finish & has a burn time of 50 hours.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our palm wax candle guide!


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