What are the Different Types of Engagement Rings?

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What are the Different Types of Engagement Rings?

An engagement ring represents a promise to marry someone in the near future. It symbolises love, devotion, and commitment, as well as letting others know that its wearer is no longer available. The circular shape of engagement rings has no beginning and no end, which represents wholeness, renewal, and eternity. Engagement rings typically have a precious metal band and are embellished with gemstones. The rings are often symbolic and chosen specifically for a loved one. In recent times, not only women wear engagement rings, men have also started to wear them as symbols of commitment.

When trying to understand the different types of engagement rings it is helpful to consider the precious metals and gemstones used, as well as the main types of ring. The perfect engagement ring is the one that suits the wearer's personality and taste, and contains the personal symbols that the couple would like to emphasise. Many people opt for luxurious diamond rings, but there are other types of engagement rings, such as Celtic and antique rings. Engagement rings are available from jewellery shops and online at eBay.

Types of Precious Metal for Engagement Rings

Engagement rings typically have a band made of a precious metal. The primary metals used are silver, gold, and platinum. Many rings are made of a combination of metals and may contain some nickel. The nickel content should be taken into account when choosing an engagement ring because many people are allergic to it. In general, gold with a high carat value does not include nickel.

Silver for Engagement Rings

Silver is a common metal used for engagement rings. Compared to gold, is is cheaper, lighter, and stronger, although it scratches and bends more easily. Sterling silver engagement rings contain 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent other metals that strengthen it.

Gold for Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings are perfect for those who love to wear yellow or white gold. The ring can be pure gold; gold mixed with other metals, such as silver; or gold plated. Common gold carat values are 9, 14, 18, and 24, where one carat represent 200 milligrams of pure gold. The higher the carats, the more valuable the engagement ring.

Platinum for Engagement Rings

Besides silver and gold, platinum is another option for engagement rings. Platinum is the most expensive precious metal available. It is very strong and because of its silvery hue, it is perfect with diamonds. Platinum is increasingly popular as an engagement ring material.

Type of Stones for Engagement Rings

Gemstones, either precious or semi-precious, used for engagement rings can come in many colours. Diamonds remain a popular choice, but there are many other options. Moonstone and cubic zirconia resemble diamonds because of their whiteness and are more affordable. For a blue gemstone, buyers can choose aquamarine, topaz, turquoise, sapphire, tanzanite, or opal. Garnet, spinel, and ruby are red, while green stones include emerald, peridot, tsavorite, and tourmaline. Yellow stones include citrine and amber. The buyer may prefer a less traditional black stone, such as onyx.

Types of Engagement Rings

The most classic engagement rings are set with diamonds in either a gold or platinum band. However, there are other options that buyers can choose, such as Celtic and antique engagement rings.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are probably the most favoured choice for couples because of their luxurious look and the uniqueness of the gemstone. When buying a diamond ring, there are Four Cs that should be considered in order to make an informed choice. The Four Cs are cut, carat, colour, and clarity. Also look for a certified diamond to avoid buying an imitation gemstone. The most common certificate is the GIA that is issued by the Gemological Institute of America. AGS, EGL, IGL, and HRD certificates are also reliable.

Cut of Diamond Engagement Rings

The cut of a diamond engagement ring is the only feature that does not depend on nature because it is created by the jeweller. If the diamond is cut correctly, the stone reflects light at the correct angles and sparkles. If the cuts are too deep or too shallow, the diamond is less brilliant. The cut is also important when the shape of the diamond is considered. The round cut is the most common, but the diamond can also have an emerald, heart, pear, oval, or marquise cut.

Carat of Diamond Engagement Rings

Carat is a unit of weight used for precious stones and equals 200 milligrams. One carat is further divided into 100 smaller units called points. Carat determines the size of the diamond. A typical diamond engagement ring has a gemstone that weighs somewhere between 0.5 and 1 carat.

Colour of Diamond Engagement Rings

Pure white is the most rare and the most valuable colour for a diamond, and these gemstones are known as colourless. Jewellers grade them as a "D". The other end of the scale is "Z" and various grades of colour exist on the scale from D to Z. Strong and distinct colours are rare and therefore also highly valued.

Clarity of Diamond Engagement Rings

When the diamond is observed under a magnifying glass, small inclusions that resemble clouds or feathers can be seen inside it. These may influence the diamond's sparkle, but they are usually invisible to the naked eye. The best grade for a diamond is IF, which signifies that it is internally flawless, although an engagement ring with the grade SI1, slightly included, is also beautiful. The lowest grade is I3, where I signifies that it is imperfect.

Celtic Engagement Rings

Celtic engagement rings are an interesting choice and are full of meaning. They can be constructed of gemstones, metalwork, and engravings. The details can be chosen by the couple to add symbolism to the engagement ring. Celtic rings often incorporate intricate knot designs that are believed to reflect interdependency and interconnectedness. The specific meaning of each knot design varies according to the Celtic tribe that interpreted it. Some designs are so old that their meaning remains a mystery. Celtic rings can be delicate or elaborate with complex patterns.

Simple Celtic Engagement Rings

The simplest Celtic engagement ring features metal knots that are made of thin strands of precious metal, such as gold. However, the design could be etched or engraved onto a wide ring. Precious stones, such as emeralds and diamonds, can be inserted into the metal, but these are used rarely.

Claddagh Engagement Rings

Claddagh rings symbolise both friendship and love and these are the most popular Celtic engagement rings. A Claddagh ring features a pair of hands holding a heart that is decorated with a crown. The hands are a symbol of friendship from which love begins, the heart represents love, and the crown symbolises the fidelity and loyalty of a lifetime commitment. As an engagement ring, the Claddagh is worn on the left hand with the heart facing inward.

Antique Engagement Rings

Engagement rings date back to the 1400s, so it is possible to find an antique ring for the special occasion. They can originate from different eras, so come in an array of styles. When buying an antique ring, its condition should be noted because it may require additional care. Researching the certified and written history of the engagement ring is a good idea to ensure that it is genuine and not a replica.

Engagement Ring Sizes

An engagement ring is usually bought in secrecy so that it can remain a surprise before the proposal. However, it should always be the right size to fit the future wearer. So, the buyer need to measure the ring finger somehow. If it is not possible to get an actual finger measurement, using an appropriate ring as a guide may be helpful. It is always possible to resize the ring after the proposal, so buying slightly larger ring is preferred over one that is too small. The table below provides the ring sizes that correspond to finger measurements.

Finger Measurement (mm)

Ring Size











































The sizes in the table are for the UK. If buying rings manufactured in other countries, the sizes may vary. A perfect ring fits easily, but requires a slight pull to take it off.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring on eBay

If you do not have a preference for the engagement ring, then you can start your search with general terms, such as "engagement ring". After receiving the initial search results, you can narrow them down by clicking on related searches or sorting the results by price and condition. You can also choose to search by using features of the ring, such as the type of metal and its purity, or the main stone and its carat weight.

Pay close attention to the item listing of the engagement ring and ensure that you establish the ring's size and whether it can be altered to fit the wearer. If the size is not listed or if there are any questions about the postage and packaging costs, delivery options, payment methods, and returns policy, then feel free to contact the seller. You can find a good seller by checking their feedback and ratings. In order to get the best service possible, you may choose Top-rated sellers.


An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment and should always be chosen with care. Shaped as circles with no beginning and no end, they represent eternity. Understanding the different types of engagement rings is helpful when choosing the perfect ring for a loved one. Engagement rings typically combine a gemstone with a metal band made of silver, gold, or platinum. The most popular choice of gemstone for an engagement ring is still the diamond, known for its luxurious look. When buying a diamond, its cut, carat, colour, and clarity should be considered. Other engagement rings are available with precious or semi-precious stones in a variety of colours.

Celtic engagement rings are full of symbolism and suitable for those who want something uncommon. They can be simple or have intricate knot designs and precious stones. It may also be possible to acquire an antique ring that was produced maybe a century ago. Understanding the different types of engagement rings helps the buyer to make the right decision when buying a ring for a loved one on eBay.

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