What are your options when it comes to de-icing?

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The time is fast approaching when you need to get up that little bit earlier to de-ice your car, driveway and everything else. Though de-icing is a time consuming chore everyday through the winter do you know what your options are? Not all de-icers are the same so are you using the best product for you needs?
Sodium Chloride - More commonly known as salt or rock salt. It is more than likely that you have used rock salt as a de-icer for many years. As it is one of the most abundant resources in the world you can obtain it at a remarkably cheaper price than any other form of de-icer. Being readily available and easy to use makes it the most desirable option for de-icing and the price makes it one of the most cost effective solutions for de-icing.
Calcium Chloride - Another natural product like rock salt calcium chloride is a long established de-icing product which has the capability to melt snow and ice down to -25F. The toxicity of this substance is significantly higher than any of the other de-icers but the product is set as the benchmark for testing results of other substances. Used in the US for over 100 years calcium chloride is available in pellet, liquid or flake form.
Acetates - Much more environment friendly than other de-icer products acetates are organic elements which leave very little adverse effects behind. As they contain no chlorides the substances do not leave any damage on vegetation and are friendly towards pets and wildlife. Available in liquid or dry forms the acetate de-icers can be much more pricey because the substances are not as easy to get hold of, compared to the chloride de-icers.
Urea - Often used in fertilisers urea is also another option for your de-icing needs. It isn't as effective as some of the other forms of de-icers but it is better than nothing. Considered safe to use around your home and young family urea can de-ice down till -12F. One of the only drawbacks is that urea can cause reactions with water, such as ponds and rivers, raising the chance of invasive plants growing in the water which can kill fish. However if you do not have a pond or river urea could be a safe option to consider when de-icing this winter.
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