What colours to Choose for Coloured Overlays for Irlens

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Many customers email us to ask which colours will work for them.

The most popular colours are AQUA, YELLOW and PURPLE


Unfortunately there is no answer. As a highly trained professional in dyslexia and literacy difficulties Irlens syndrome / photoscopic sensitivity is an unproven area. However, I notice a difference looking at coloured paper so there is something in it!

There are five basic colours and by mixing these colours one can make upto 90 ish colour variations.

However we have mixed them to make 10 shades. We have chosen these 5 and further 5 as they appear to be most widely beneficial. Some of our customers will mix two colours to produce the WEIRDEST shades, but irlens syndrome / photoscopic sensitivity is a very personal thing. In fact different lighting conditions can also affect the choice of colours, or at least gloss or matt. (ALL OUR PRODUCTS HAVE A GLOSS AND MATT SIDE).

So what colour am I? OR You?

The only way to tell is to try them. Sorry Dyslexia Consultants Colours.

Please be aware these do not work for everyone, but for some it is the answer they have been looking for for years.

The cheapest way to try is a 10 pack of reading rulers or plain rulers, but many adults will find the A4 sheets more useful for adultsWe also sell school exercise jotters, A4 Pukka Pads, monitor overlays and many other resources.

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