What does Blindbox mean?

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When you buy blindbox items, they come in identical boxes.

These boxes have all the possible different figures the box could contain.

The figure's rarities are displayed under their image in the form of a percentage, for instance the strawberry yummy breakfast keychain designed by heidi kenney, sold in our shop, has a rarity of 2/25. This means that if you bought 25 blindbox yummy breakfasts, there would probably be 2 strawberry figures within that assortment, in other words you have a 2 in 25 chance of recieving a strawberry figure.

When you open the box, the figure is wrapped in foil and you still cannot tell which figure you have! This is done so that people cannot peek into the box to see which figure they have, or even scan the box under an x-ray machine to check for the rarest figures and keep them for themselves!

This makes recieving the figures more fair and more exciting!

If you recieve an item that is not on the box, you have opened a rare, which is worth more!

Good luck!

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