What does each effect pedal sound like?

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There are many different types of effect pedals. Some are designed to give you that traditional "rock/metal guitar" sound like overdrive and distortion pedals; others, such as fuzz pedals, can give you a smooth creamy tone to tones that sound like ripped speakers.

Some pedals will make your guitar or bass guitar sound thicker, such as chorus, flangers, phasers,  pitch shifters (which can also play harmonies with you), compressors, equalizers just to name a few.

Other effects add textures, or ambience to an otherwise dry signal. Delays (which are effects that produce echos), reverbs, tremolo, wahs and so on. By experimenting, you'll notice that these aren't rules, but only basic guidelines. For example, a pitch shifter and a phaser connected together will add a very cool type of texture or ambience as well.

There are many other effects that can be alot of fun to play with - modulation filters, synth wahs and synth fuzzes. Many others are invented all the time by creative effect companies.

Single Pedals or Multi-Effects?
A question we get at IndyGuitarist.com from our customers quite often is the question of whether a multi-effect or single effect unit is better. There is no clear answer...it's sort of like asking if apple pie or peach cobbler is better. They both have their place. Some players prefer the ease of having all their effects in one box, while others enjoy the rich tone (as known as non-processed tone) and flexibility of single pedals.

You can download mp3's of different effects from my database on my website, http://www.indyguitarist.com/soundclips if you'd like to hear what each effect sounds like.

If you are just beginning to explore using effects, I'd recommend getting a used effects unit such as the boss gt-6 or even the boss gt-3 which has large collection of good sounding effects all in one unit.

If you are looking for a great single effect pedal, I recommend looking for mp3 soundclips in each auction. Many times the seller will have a link to download a clip from the manufacturer which will allow you to sample the effect before purchasing.

I hope this has been of some help to you, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Take care,
Brian Wampler,
User: IndyGuitarist-Guitartone
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