What e liquid to buy? What e liquid is the best?

Which e liquid or e shisha liquid one should purchase is the burning question on everyone's lips that are new to the e-cig revelation.  There are two main reasons smokers are turning to e liquids:
*They are up to 6 times less expensive than smoking
*They are a much healthier option

The three questions which most commonly arise are:

What Brand should I use?
What Flavour should I choose?
What strength should I use?
Brands of e liquids are plentiful.  Choosing the right e liquid brand can be tricky and cumbersome; a lot of users waste money on diluted liquids until they find a brand which they are comfortable with.  Many brands claim to be the best; however, the choice is generally a personal preference, although there are a few things to consider when choosing the right brand:  I would recommend choosing a liquid which has been EU/UK certified; furthermore a brand which has not been sourced from China.  Normally you can find this information on the packaging, with good sellers information will be provided on their listing.
There are some excellent brands around, providing great customer service, with a multitude of flavours to choose from.  My personal choice of supplier (De-bang) ultimately depended on the above, along with the fact that the quality of their flavours was second to none.  De-bang are a UK-based, trusted supplier with years of experience, which also influenced my choice.

There are vast arrays of flavours to choose from; varying from Tobacco flavours to exotic fruit flavours.  Usually liquids are made up of propylene glycol (used in medicinal preparations), vegetable glycerol and food grade flavours.  Most brands go a long way in replicating certain Tobacco/cigarette companies, for those who still crave the taste of Tobacco. 

Liquids can generally be classed into four strengths ; Zero, low, medium and high; this relates to the nicotine content.  Choosing the strength which you require is somewhat harder than choosing the flavour you want.  Thinking carefully about your smoking habits and how much your body is used to.  For example, if you are a light smoker, you should try a low strength as your body is not used to a high dose.  Smokers who are used to cigarettes with high nicotine content should generally try the higher strength liquids.  One more aspect to consider would be the amount one smokes during the day; If you are an infrequent smoker of cigarettes you may need to re-consider the amount of nicotine you want to smoke.  Your body will not be used to a high dosage if you do not smoke a lot and ‘vaping’ too much may lead you to feeling sick and/or light headed.

To conclude, I recommend asking friends and family for advice if they are ‘vaping’, getting to know their opinion.  Once you find a supplier/brand you are comfortable with, stick with them.
Smokers are converting to 'vaping' on the whole because it is a healthier alternative, containing no carcinogens (chemicals which increase the chance of getting cancer).  E-shisha pens and associated products are by orders of magnitude, far less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes.  Here are some facts you may find useful:
  • An estimated 700,000 users smoke e-cigarettes in the UK*.
  • In the UK there are currently around 100,000 deaths per year attributable to smoking cigarettes.
  • Recently, e-cigarettes have been found to be just as effective at helping people quit smoking as nicotine patches**.
*According to Action on Smoke and Health
**The Lancet
I hope this guide has been of some help and provided you with some advice on how to choose the right e liquids.  Have a look at our e liquids and associated products (clearomisers, shisha pens) by clicking here.
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