What flash will work on my Canon Digital EOS Camera?

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As you'll see in my lens guide, I'm pretty new to all this photography stuff but trying to work it out as I go.  Because a lot of my pictures are of family events indoors, I was seeing too many red-eye problems and came to the conclusion that I needed a better flash.  There are many available on Ebay and it's confusing to a newbie like me.

For now, this guide just has very basic info and directions to a very detailed article on Flash Photography using Canon cameras.  Below is one of the FAQ's from the report........

I have an old flash unit. Will it work on my new Canon digital EOS camera?

Maybe. That depends on what type of flash unit you have.

Canon digital cameras can only use Canon Speedlite flash models with names ending in EX. If your Canon flash unit has a model name which ends with E or EZ or anything else then it will not work with any Canon digital EOS camera.

As for flash units manufactured by other makers, check its specifications to see if it supports “E-TTL flash metering.” If it does not, or only lists “Canon TTL flash metering” then it most likely will not work.

Hopefully this answers the very basics for deciding suitability.  Obviously there are many more factors in deciding which flash to buy but at least knowing to look for E-TTL was a big help to me.  For the full report, please go to photonotes.org and look in the 'Articles' section.

I know it's only scratching the surface but hopefully you found this guide to be of use.  If you did, please click the 'Yes' button below.....ahhhh, go on!
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