What happended to ECKO Clothing,So dissapointing

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So what has happended to Ecko Clothing. I been into hip hop clothing for 9years. Ecko used to be big and baggy. It used to be Grafitti style and this is why Marc Ecko made his name. Now ecko clothing is sporty,not so grafitti looking. It is not big and baggy looking, but custom fitting. Most of the tees are cotton/poly and not cotton.feel horrible. You most check out the sizing. before I'm uk xl and could buy large and would fit big and baggy. now I have to buy 3xl as it is 48 chest. How stuid is that and not good for the self-esstem buying 3xl, when i'm xl. always ask buyers if there clothing real,measurements. or you will end up with gams not fitting and having to re-sell at a loss. hope this helps. godbless_hiphop
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