What is 3D ?

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Don’t you think there is a swarm of 3D movies that hit cinemas these days? Have you tried watching some of them? Surely, you must have enjoyed the near-life graphics and the best movie experience you have ever had. In fact, these days everybody is shifting to 3D. Be it games or movies, home theatre, TV or even DVD players, everything is shifting to 3D.

3D may be defined as a Three-dimensional space that is produced using Computer Aided Design (CAD) objects. Such objects can be fanciful or totally imaginary forms that don’t exist elsewhere, except in the vivid imagination of the developer. Such objects are seen in movies like Avatar and other films that have a heavy impact of imagination. 3D Modeling can be used to create more dept in the objects as it makes them appear quite real.

These computer graphics use a three-dimensional image of any object. They usually follow the working concept of a human eye. The idea that the left eye sees one part of the object and the right eye sees the other part of the same object. The brain then processes these two images and then we are able to see a complete 3D image of the real object. This is exactly how 3d modeling works. Two different images of a single image taken from different angles are entered into specialized software. This software then combines the two pictures, creating a life like scene to appear to the eye.

3D is not limited just to the movie theater. We have many 3D products at home as well. This includes 3D home cinemas, 3D glasses and a high resolution and life 3D TV. Combine this with blue ray DVD players and you can give the movie theaters a run for their money.

3D cameras are also available in the market that would make you drop your jaw in awe. Most video game makers have now also come up with innovative 3D games that can even capture the movements of the players. These games would make it appear that you are playing in real time. Video platforms like PlayStation use this 3D technology most extensively and make sure that the users have a great time while playing games. Moreover, they don’t let you be a couch potato like 2D games. They are fairly interactive and give you a lot of exercise while you play inside your room.

So don’t just sit back and wait for 2D to become extinct. Grab some 3D products now!

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