What is 45X, 60X or 80X Flash Memory?

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What is 45X, 60X or 80X Flash Memory?

Today’s growing handheld devices market requires flash memory to keep pace with the need for speed. How do they do this? Faster and faster memory is the answer! Simply put, the quicker the flash memory speed, the better your camera performs: saving images to and reading from the memory card with less time waiting between pictures! You’ll capture those photo opportunities you’d normally miss while your camera automatically saves the last image taken.

Speed ratings stand for data transfer rates in Megabytes per second (MB/s). It follows a simple formula where 1X = 150kb/s. Here’s a general Performance Chart to help you do the math.

45X = 6.75MB/s Transfer Rate

60X = 9MB/s Transfer Rate

80X = 12MB/s Transfer Rate

133X = 20MB/s Transfer Rate

Even as you read this, higher speed cards are being introduced to the marketplace in a race to satisfy the consumer.


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