What is Bosch ESI (KTS) software?

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The idea of Bosch ESI software is to aim to provide a software solution for your workshop.

It is a range of DVD based technical information that can be used on your PC. It is also the software that powers the KTS range of Diagnostic testers.

It is based on a modular design in order to provide a tailor made package to the workshop.

It is uipdated 4 times a year on an annual subscrition basis.

Modules within the ESi package cover:

  • Vehicle Equipment listings
  • Standard workshop fitting times
  • Troubleshooting instructions for
  • -Diesel
  • -Petrol
  • -Braking and Safety Systems
  • Control Unit Diagnosis
  • Spare parts identification
  • Wiring diagrams for comfort electric Systems
  • Vehicle Mechanics with Service Schedules
  • Test Values for Diesel Fuel Pumps

To get the most out of a KTS tester the minimum required would be classed as a C9 subscription which will give

Troubleshooting Instructions for

Petrol,Diesel,Braking and Safety Systems (Works kind of like Autodata)

Vehicle Equipment Listing (parts on a paticular vehicle)

Control Unit Diagnosis (Software to drive the communication to the vehicle ECU)

The software subscriptions are available through Bosch Equipment distributors, such as ourselves.

The cost of the subscription (C9) for 2012 was approx £790 plus VAT.

Once signed the subscription contract is a rolling contract so cancellation needs to be done through your distributor in the preceeding year that you no longer want the software by  end of October.

However it is worth noting that without an update (at the time of writing this) the software times out and is therfore not fully operational.

The updates are valuable and are worth the money as it works out cheaper than a pod based system and the updates cover all manufacturers (if there is new software for them), as opposed to one.

You are welcome to get in touch if i can help further.

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