What is CE approval, and why is it important

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What is the  Mark?

And why is it important?

CE testing and approval is a LEGAL requirement for all electronic or electrical goods sold as new within the EEC

The CE mark means that the item has passed very strict quality and safety testing, and is fit for sale within the EEC.

Ever wonder why there are so many cheap electrical and electronic goods for sale on eBay?

Have a close look at the listings or the goods, chances are that many of them are NOT CE approved.

Thats why they are so cheap, they have failed CE testing and are not fit for sale.

A classic example of this is laptop or computer power supplies, there are lots for sale at less than £10 on eBay, the reason for that low price?

They cant be sold anywhere on the high street legally, as they are NOT CE approved.

And its not just Laptop adaptors, its almost every electrical appliance there is for sale, you would be well advised to ask the seller if its CE approved, and when it arrives make sure it really does have the CE Mark on it.

This is very very IMPORTANT for any item that uses mains electricity, they are NOT CE approved because they are dangerous, and have failed testing.


Remember ALL Electrical and Electronic goods sold as new MUST by LAW be CE approved, dont risk your life to save a few quid

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