What is Crystal Healing? How to use Crystals 4 Healing

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The words 'Crystal Healing' can be seen in many places now. Many people are drawn to this but not too sure why they are, or what it means? As a Crystal Therapist I am blessed to have experienced the physical, mental and emotional connections with crystals and love hearing about others experiences and sharing my own too.

Crystal Healing is the very concept that by using and working with a crystals own energy field we can change our own! This may be by balancing certain areas of our energy centres (Chakras) that are blocked, Under Active or Over Active, Working to remove negative and unhealthy areas in our Aura, Working with the bodies meridians (as used in Acupuncture and other traditional medicine). We can use the crystals to remove or put in a particular energy as necessary. There is a lot of information in books and online of which crystals to use specifically which is great, but I would always encourage you to choose before looking at any books, by sight, intuition, touch etc ...

When working with Crystal Healing some people may not experience anything and some experience immediate changes, but it is my belief that we are all affected by them in a positive way, whether we are aware or not. Often, people will start to feel the affects day later and notice a sudden uplift in mood, creative expression, self appreciation, ailments eased off and so on, Each experience is unique!

HOW to use the crystals for healing?

When first working with crystal energy I would encourage people to carry one or two in their pocket, bra, sock for a day or two and note any changes, major or subtle. I find this a really great way to bond with a new crystal. I also like to take a new crystal to bed with me with the intention that we are bonding our energies, not that is it working on me whilst I sleep (more info on this later).

Crystal Webs are used to hold the energy around a person whilst they lay or sit for 20/30 minutes or so. This is done by creating a web of crystal points (usually Quartz) around the body and placing various other crystals within the web, either on or by the body.

Meditation with crystals is also a fantastic practice to use, placing on the Third Eye (centre forehead) or Crown (just above the head) whilst asking for insight and guidance on a particular topic or issue, or just your own life path in general.

Placing crystals around you whilst bathing can create a relaxing atmosphere whilst surrounded and held by the crystal energy.

However you choose to work with crystals, I hope you enjoy your journey and wish you much health & Happiness,

Nikki @ Gifts and Guidance x

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