What is Gold Filled?

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So what exactly is Gold Filled?

Solid gold products are as we know quite expensive, and what's the point of the centre of the item being gold when you're not going to see that centre? Most people would say because gold plate looks thin, and it will eventually wear away. But there is another product which is just as good as the real thing!

Gold filled, is a layer of 10Kt or better gold mechanically bonded under heat & pressure to a base metal. This is then rolled or drawn to a given thickness. In the jewellery industry the quantity of gold must be at least 1/20th by weight of the total product. Gold filled products may be marked as 10,12 or 14Kt Gold Filled. The karat measurement of the gold content must be part of the marking or designation. So, your must be aware of items offered just as 'Gold Filled' rather than 10Kt Gold Filled or 12Kt Gold Filled or 14Kt Gold Filled, as you are probably not buying what you think you're buying.

A gold filled product has a surface layer of gold of the appropriate karatage, which is very thick compared to rolled gold plate or the heaviest electroplate (gold plated) material. This means that gold filled items are generally considered life-time products, and the gold layer will not quickly wear off, as it will in electroplated products.

Most people find that they can wear 14k gold filled jewellery items without any problems.

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