What is IPTV. Cloud net . Now TV?

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What these boxes do!

These clever little boxes enable you to transform your TV and convert it into a haven of media magic!
By plugging this box into your TV and connecting WIFI you can get access to all Android apps allowing you to view Catch up TV, YouTube and all social media sites, they can also host XBMC which is a powerful media platform in its own right,
Ones like this pictured also have built in cameras and on board microphones that allow for Skype, what's more is the weigh very little and are very transportable so if you are away on business and you want home comforts you can bring it along

Getting started:
Open packaging and remove leads, remote and power cables, plug the HDMI (normally supplied) into your HDMI input port of your TV
Next plug the power supply into the device and plug the transformer into the socket and switch on
Once power is on to the device, turn your TV on and turn over to the relevant HDMI channel, some TV come with more than one port so make sure you have chosen the correct channel for the port eg. HDMi channel 1 - HDMi port 1

Operating the remote:
The remote can be used in two configurations via direction arrows to move the highlight selector around or using mouse pointer mode, the mouse pointer can be turned on and off via the button on the remote and can be moved around the screen via the direction arrows, the ok button is used as enter to return from command use the return button.

Enabling WiFi:
Once the device has started you may see a start up page similar to switching on your PC or laptop for the first time, after this has past it will display a home screen similar to a desktop of a PC or laptop from here
Select Settings (normally a cog type icon)
Select and scroll to WiFi
Enter and select your home WiFi - Enter your WiFi password this can be located on the Router or modem supplied by your internet provider
Once enabled return to home screen by pressing return

Getting Apps:
Now back on the home screen locate the Google Play Store, it looks like a shopping bag with a play button icon on the front, enter and login into your Google account
If you don't have a Google account don't worry you have an option to set up a new account from this screen also
Once completed you will have access to vast range of Apps that will store to your home page for easy access later

Pictures and Videos:
Once familiar with your Cloud net box you will also find endless features that you can benefit from, one being the USB ports located on the rear
By plugging in a USB stick with pictures and videos loaded, they can be viewed in full screen on your TV,  Handy if your showing you holiday pictures or viewing family outings

But remember most of all

Its like turning your TV into a tablet....... a big one with bells and whistles on
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