What is Number 9 Book Club?

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Number 9 Book Club Library/Reading Group and eBook Specialist
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What we do:

For those who have not used the service before, we operate a book club to facilitate the purchase and sharing of new releases. Our aim is to produce a personal, tailored service (where possible), which is not available through the larger sites operated by Amazon or Apple , (for example).

We release a new book list every week which is distributed via email.
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How you do it:

For anyone wishing to  purchase a book, you will need to contact us directly via email (address below) stating author and title of the book required, and the device you are currently using,
(to ensure compatibility).
((Multi-device formats available at same cost))

All purchases, (including those from eBay), are delivered within 24 hours where possible, Payments are currently made through Paypal for all purchases, however over the coming months we hope to expand our payments system allowing other methods also.


We are often asked if we are able to supply a list of books we  have, but unfortunately due to the size of the catalog, this is an impossible task!
Therefore....  We leave it in your hands!
If there are any requests, please do not hesitate to email me directly and I will endeavour to respond quickly and hopefully positively!
d a v e @ n u m b e r 9 b o o k c l u b . c o . u k
To sign up to our weekly mailer please contact us on the above address.
We also have a forum site available for our members
w w w . n u m b e r 9 b o o k . c o . u k

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