What is Reiki and how does it work?

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This guide explains what Reiki is and what to expect during a treatment.

Reiki is a hands on healing technique which is based on the concept of a universal life force. Reiki means "Universal energy" and can be used to balance mind, body and spirit.

The concept of a life force and energy system has been recognised in many cultures, particularly Eastern ones, for many thousands of years, and similar concepts are used in many other therapies such as shiatsu, acupuncture as well as in physical practices such as T'ai Chi and yoga.  In Western (allopathic) medicine the energy of the body can be evidenced by the use of machines such as Electro- cardiograms (ECG) and similar scans which measure energy output. 

The beliefs and practices of Reiki originated in nineteenth century Japan and were discovered by Dr Usui - a Buddhist- who was given the secret symbols of Reiki after a period of fasting and meditation.  Shortly after this he was able to heal others using his hands which were described as feeling hot or cold by his patients.

How does it work?

During the treatment Reiki practitioners use specific hand positions which correspond to the body, it's organs and the seven main Chakras (energy centres of the body).  These energy centres can become blocked causing the body and mind problems so Reiki gently balances the Chakras and the energy field which surrounds the body and this can soothe physical and emotional complaints.  This can leave you feeling calm or energised depending on what your body needs.

Your first experience of Reiki. 

During a treatment you remain fully clothed removing only your shoes and sometimes your watch/jewelry and sit or lie whilst the hand positions are applied either on or over the body.  You may find that your first experience of Reiki is life- changing, but people's reactions vary widely from bemusement, serenity, elation and joyfulness. Occasionally  there is a profound emotional release characterised by sobbing and a sensation of being reborn. The gift of Reiki is the ability to relax and feel soothed so you have embarked on a positive journey.  Usually there is a great sense of wellbeing.


These may take place during the treatment or even take hours or days to appear.  Some people experience feeling weepy or get hot flushes but these reactions are unusual and disappear quickly.  As bodily functions balance out you may find that you visit the toilet more frequently.  These are positive signs of improved energy flow!  You should drink plenty of  water during this time. Some people find that a long-standing insomnia problem clears after a treatment.  Most people experience a feeling of calm, serenity and peace both during and after a treatment.  Reiki can be given in person or by a distant healing treatment - where the energy is sent to you (as it is universal energy) and this can be purchased by searching for "Reiki distant healing treatment" on ebay.  Find a practitioner you feel comfortable with.

About Reiki practitioners

Anyone can be "attuned" to Reiki , which involves a Reiki Master attuning them to the energy and giving them the Reiki symbols and hand positions dependent on which level of Reiki they are being attuned to. Generally at Reiki level 1 there is a general awareness of Reiki and it can be used on oneself and family and friends.  At level 2 the person can become a Reiki practitioner treating anyone and at level 3 they are deemed a Reiki Master and can attune others to Reiki. Please ensure that any practitioner at level 2 or above that you visit is insured and ask to see their qualifications and insurance details if you are not sure. This is not because Reiki can do you any harm but rather due to practical things (for example you could fall off a massage table or trip on your way into the therapy practice!)  Also be aware of anyone who promises to cure everything as Reiki is a powerful energy and is a compliment to ( not a substitute for) conventional medicine.  Reiki is not a religion nor do you have to believe in it for it to work!

I hope that this has been a useful guide and that you now feel comfortable in finding out more or trying a taster treatment.

Thanks for looking


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