What is a Perfume Jamid? (Solid Perfumed Brick/Cube)

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Welcome to the world of Arabian perfumery!

A Jamid is very common in oriental perfume and comes in different types. Three of the most common types of jamid are: Musk, Amber, Rose.
A perfume Jamid is a extremely high concentrated perfumed brick, a solid perfume. A high quality jamid such as Al-Afdals Jamid will essentially last a lifetime if used and stored properly.
It is essential to try the jamid on the wrist first before using it in the body to check compatibility with your skin as it is highly concentrated.
Apply a quality Jamid to your pulse points and let the beautiful smell radiate around you. Perfume jamids can also be kept in a room as an air freshner or with some clothes to transfer the luxorious smell.
Original Jamid have a rugged look to them, each size will not exactly be the same. The smell of a good quality jamid will develop as the cube ages.
How to store Al-Afdal Jamid: Keep away from direct sunlight, excessive heat and moisture.


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