What is a Whirlpool Bath?

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What is a Whirlpool Bath

How they work

Whirlpool baths are operated by air and water. The suction of the whirlpool takes the water from the bath and into the pump, the pump then forces the water out through the whirlpool jets.

How they are made

All baths are fully manufactured before being sent to have a whirlpool fitted. All the pipe work for the whirlpool is then fitted to the bath and connected through the motor. The motor is operated by a pneumatic push button, and it also requires a supply of 240V, 13 amp, live, neutral, earth (additional exponential earth located on the side of the pump). Please Note: The exponential earth connection to the motor is in addition to the supply cord and must be carried out.
How to look after them.

How to look after them

Baths should always be cleaned immediately after use, preferably whilst the water is running out and the bath is still warm. The film of insoluble soap products and grime that will otherwise harden on the side of the bath is easily removed at this stage. In hard water districts, insoluble lime salts are deposited below the waterline and under leaking taps. If this deposit is allowed to build up, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove, and looks unsightly. Prompt cleaning is again the answer. Hot soapy water and a cloth should be used and then the bath wiped dry. Abrasive cleaners MUST NOT be used on chrome or gold plated fittings.
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