What is a dateless registration number ?

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What is a dateless registration number?
Dateless registration marks are made up of 1, 2 or 3 letters, followed by up to 4 numbers. Some examples of dateless registration marks are F 1, TH 6, or TOM 345.

Dateless registration marks are also available in ‘reverse format’ where the numbers appear before the letters such as 4 T, 786 MB, and 32 TB.

Do dateless registrations cost a lot of money?

Generally speaking, they will usually be the most expensive style of registration mark. The main reason that dateless registrations are sought after is because they have no year identifier as they were issued before 1963. You will find that with the dateless registrations, even letters which are not usually classed as popular initials such as V, U and F still have appeal.

Dateless registrations are popular because they can be used to disguise the age of a vehicle, there is also a certain cudos to the dateless registrations as they are seen as more eye catching.

What determines the value of a dateless registration?

Like with all styles of vehicle registrations, the value of a dateless registration mark will depend on the letters and digits contained within it. Dateless registrations can range from a few hundred pounds right up to 100’s of thousands of pounds. The personalised registration number F 1 recently sold for over £440,000.00

We have compiled a brief guide below to give you an idea of how various different factors will affect the value of a dateless registration number.

Amount of letters on the registration
The appeal of those letters
Amount of numbers on the registration
The appeal of those numbers

There are up to a maximum of 3 letters on dateless registrations. Generally the fewer the number of letters, the higher the value of the registration. Single letter registrations with just a single number such as S 1 are considered the ultimate status symbol by most, however with price tags for these sort of registration numbers at well over £100,000.00 they are not within everyones league, not to mention the fact that they are also very rare.

At the other end of the scale the more affordable 3 letter dateless registrations such as GWH 486 will sell anywhere from £1,000 upwards, again depending on the appeal of the letters themselves.

The actual letters themselves have a significant impact on the value of a dateless registration. Popular initials such as DJB for example are a lot more sought after, as statistically they fall a lot more popular than such as FWH.

It goes without saying that if the letters make a popular name or word such as MEL or TVR then the value of the registration number will increases significantly.

As with the letters contained in the registration mark, the amount of numbers the registration contains will also have a significant effect on the value of a dateless registration number. As a general rule, the fewer the amount of numbers, the higher the value of the registration mark.

Dateless British issued registration numbers are not to be confused with Northern Irieland issued registration numbers.
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