What is a factory second? Regards to clothing

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What is a factory Second?


Clothing factories, have mishaps in the production line. In clothing such as primark, this can mean a whole arm being forgotten. On the contrary, in designer clothing, this very often means a minor cosmetic blemish, due to the high quality expectancy of the clothing. This is a factory second


I am going to show examples of reasons for factory seconds, in Lyle and Scott Polo shirts.


  • Misplaced Logo

This usually means, that the logo is more than half a centre metre from the point it should be, often unoticeable to the eye, but not up-to the high standards of the designer brand! In lyle and scott polos, the logo is meant to be aligned between the 2nd and 3rd button (for the 3 button polo-shirt). A factory second for example, might be aligned with the 3rd button.

  • Slight stitching problems to logo

The logo may be stitched incorrectly. Therefore, make sure you ask the seller to see the logo of the polo shirt you are purchasing before doing so. Genuine lyle and scott factory seconds should have no, or little stitching problems in the logo. Drastic problems, probly signifies it to be a fake.

  • Loose threads/ other costmetic blemishes

This can vary from a loose thread (which can be cut off, resulting in no noticeable difference) to the -worst case scenario that i have found- of a slight hole, which to is generally relatively unnoticeable. I have bought around 20 of these polo shirts, I'd say ten had the odd loose thread, a few had a mis-placed logo, and only one had a slight hole in the coller. The rest, i could not find a problem with.

  • Sometimes, inner labels are not stitched in, in order to cover for the poor quality, and in defence of the brand. I dont believe this is done in lyle and scott branded items. I believe that the only difference, is that on the washing label in the inside hem, the lyle and scott site name is not written but is simply left off, replaced by a blank space.

When buying a supposed "factory second" Look out for the typical tell tale factors regards to fake items. Their are many guides for this on eBay.

Briefly, these are a few things to look out for in lyle and scott polo shirts.

  • The buttons are the oil stained colour of official polos. NOT clear.
  • The label at the hem is the same as official lyle and scott polos.
  • Logo is correct size (not big in polo shirts)
  • Check that lyle and scott produce this colour.
  • If new, then the tag should be a booklet.

I will be adding pictures to this guide very soon! Please make sure to click "yes" on the helpfulness of this guide, in order to get it seen my others! many thanks!

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