What is an Irish number plate ?

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What is an Irish registration mark?Irish registration numbers are issued by the DVLNI and not the DVLA. Irish registrations are classed as dateless due to the fact that they do not contain a year identifier, an example being DIG 7876. Certain combinations of letters are allocated to specific regions in Northern Ireland, they are then issued as needed.

The DVLNI (Driver Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland) is the governing body responsible for the management of Irish registration marks in Northern Ireland. It is worth noting that the Irish registrations are not just restricted to use on vehicles in Northern Ireland, they can be used on mainland registered vehicles over here.

As with dateless registration marks, the Irish number plates can be transferred to vehicles of any age and can also be a very affordable way to disguise the age of a vehicle, which makes them very popular in Britain even though they do not give a lot of scope for ‘personalisation’ as the letter combinations are such as UAZ.

Northern Ireland registration marks will always contain the letter I or Z somewhere within the 3 letters, examples of Irish registrations are such as: FNZ 2218 or OUI 7724.


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