What is healthy eating

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Are you still confused abouth food and health, there is no need any longer. For at least 20 years nutritionists, dieticans and doctors have provided the same diet information and recommended the same basic foods and health principles to guide us all to healthier eating. Research will confirm what you already know ignore the fad diets and follow these simple steps below to reduce risk of weight related illness and manage your weight.

Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. This can include fruit juice

Change the way you cook. Grilling instead of frying this makes a hugh difference alone, steam those vegetables instead of boiling this way more of the goodness is saved.

Reduce the amount of fat and sugar in your diet. Always check the food labels for amount of fat and suger.

Increase your intake of starchy foods. This means more pasta, rice and potatoes.

Just as good food and health go hand in hand, you also need to combine all this with a more physical lifestyle to improve your overall health. It is also very important to enjoy healthier eating as you are more likely to stick to the changes you make.

So in quick more fruit and veg less salt and suger, grill instead of fry more pasta and rice less bread and chips.

More walking or cycling less car and bus.

All of the above is achievable but remember it is a lifestyle change and you will need to keep trying, the results will be positive and you will not look back. If you have a moment of weakness please think moderation.

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