What is the best way to look after my wooden toys & games?

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Toypost-UK is a Traditional & Wooden Toy vendor. We have been selling Wooden Toys for a long time so here are our 4 simple rules to ensure your wooden toys and games last the longest for the greatest amount of fun!
  1. Avoid dropping it! Sounds simple I know but wooden toys can be easily damaged by being stepped on, thrown around or dropped. Children need to learn that a wooden toy is not a plastic thing, which might survive poor treatment.
  2. Maintenance of 'larger' toys & games like Bagatelle, Rocking Horses, Shove Ha'Penny etc. consists of applying a coat of wax, now and then when needed. You can use solid or liquid wax, coloured or natural, but we do not recommend the use of aerosol products, which contain silicon and dubious gasses. Just be careful when there are little ones around and always read instructions before waxing.
  3. Unpainted toys can also be treated with linseed oil or Danish oil. You can apply this type of oil also to toys and games which have been coloured with special plant based child-friendly dyes. This is a safe and child-friendly method of protecting and preserving the wooden parts, an oil treated toy is also less affected when used in damp conditions.
  4. Wood can expand and shrink, which sometimes causes friction between certain parts. If you notice that a toy has squeaky wheels for instance, a few drops of oil will solve the problem immediately.You may be aware that centrally heated rooms can have a destructive effect on wooden furniture. The same accounts for wooden toys; they may split or warp in a dry and warm environment.And please, also be careful leaving wooden toys out in the rain or in a damp environment, would you leave your dining table out in the rain? 
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