What is the cause of Xbox 360 3 red lights & freezing?

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What is the cause of Xbox 360 3 red lights?

Why is my Xbox 360 constantly freezing?

As mentioned in my listing, the cause is heat, Basicly the Xclamps over time work lose due to heating and cooling down, As the motherboard heats up, it begins to expand. This cause's a loosening of the GPU (graphics processing unit). Once the GPU comes loose enough, your game freezes and you have the infamous Xbox 360 3 red lights.

Before you do anything to fix Xbox 360 3 red lights, Please read this......
- Do not try to fix your Xbox 360 3 red lights by wrapping your system in a towel or heating it with a hair dryer. Both of these "Xbox 360 repairs" are said to fix the red ring of death but this is not really true.
- While it is possible to temporarily get your system working again using these methods, the fix will not be permanent and the problem will get worse.   if you use those bogus Xbox 360 repair methods you will risk turning a temporary problem into a permanent; one where you will need to order new parts or even need a new xbox 360

Q: Does some games more than others cause hardware failure. Gears of War ,COD 4 & 5,  Dead Rising were thought to be system killers when they came out.
Of course. Infant mortality, which is a weakened mechanical "thing" like a solder joint with a void in it, are exercised to failure by cyclic stress. The number of cycles and the amplitude of temperature change from low to high determine how quickly it will fail. Certain games will consume more bandwidth on the GPU, which has the most substandard thermal solution on the mother board, making it a lot hotter, warping the mobo and flexing the solder joints. Weak joints fail quickly. The better the game, the more often it will be played, again accelerating failures.

Q: Let's go over some of the rumored reasons RROD. Could you tell how close each theory is?
Over heating CPU/GPU due to the lead free solder?
They don't overheat due to PB Free. They over heat due to too much power dissipated in too small of an area, w/o a sufficient thermal management design to take the heat away from the junction of the transistors on the chips, the packages themselves, and the mobo. And the over heating is on the GPU. When the CPU heatsink is applied right, it does not over heat.(thats what we designed our kit to do)

Q: Is keeping the 360 horizontal more safe than keeping it vertical?
I don't think so. Vertical exposes more surface area and volume to heat exchange with cooler room air. And I think opens more vent holes. Just don't let it fall over.

Q: Just what is the RROD "Towel Trick" fix?
My best guess is that it somewhat reflows the solder joints on the GPU while it's under a high compressive load from the heatsink clip, causing any open solder joints to make contact again. I don't think it's going to fully reflow them because 1) PB free solder melts above 300 degrees C, and if that happened the GPU would be pulled flat to the mother board with a big puddle of solder under it shorting everything out.

Q: How much more reliable are the current generation of Xbox 360 than the previous designs? Original Xenon, Zypher and Falcon.
We've heard that the failure rates for the current design is sub 10%. Much much better, but still too high imoh. And those designs haven't seen much life yet, so no one knows if that failure rate will hold.

Please take your time to look at our listings username(Xbox_360_expert) were we have proven to have a working kit that lasts not just a quick fix.. unlike some other kits out there......

A Word of Warnning

We have seen people selling a fix for the xbox 360 claiming that you can get your xbox 360 up and running in 20 mins, then all you get is a text document telling you how to rap you console in a towel for 15 miniutes and let it cook. Wow and people still do that?

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