What is wrong with eBay buyers lately?

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What is wrong with eBay buyers lately?

I am writing this guide as I have had a few bad buyers recently.
I have had 4 negative feedback in the past 12 months which is more than I received in the previous 6 years combined!
1st neg on the 10th of November 2012 from buyer resident97 in Switzerland was because a new item (PS2 demo disc) I sold arrived with the seal broken which must have been done by Swiss customs as it left me with the seal intact.
Not my fault but I wasn't given the chance to resolve the issue.
I didn't report the buyer as I felt that I didn't have a valid reason to do so.
As a result of the 1st neg though I stopped selling to outside of the UK with immediate effect!
2nd and 3rd negs on the 21st of August 2013 from buyer blackrainbow767 were because I was deemed to have overcharged the buyer on p&p.
The buyer blackrainbow767 was happy to bid and the p&p costs were clearly visable on my auctions and in addition was also given a £1 postage discount.
I asked them if I gave them a £2 refund would they revise both of their two neg feedback to which they replied 'that seems fair'.
I sent blackrainbow767 two feedback revision requests and they declined them both saying that the feedback they left was 'accurate' which it now wasn't as I had given them a partial refund!
Yes I did say that the p&p costs included my parking costs which was wrong and I fully admit my mistake.
The 4th neg on the 4th of October 2013 from buyer demicorrie93 was because I opened a non payment dispute against the buyer and was purely left for malicious reasons!
The message that they sent me on 03-Oct-13 at 21:06:04 BST was:
hi, thanks for the message, however, I will not be leaving you positive feedback as you opened up a payment dispute case not 48 hours after the auction ended,and you did not take the time to message me to even quiry payment, which I was planning to do that day.thanks
My reply sent to demicorrie93 on 04-Oct-13 at 12:11 was:
Hi Demi,
That is very unfair of you and it does state on my auction in red letters that non payment disputes will be opened after 2 days.It also states this in my payment instructions.
The non payment disputes are opened automatically by eBay after 2 days as I have asked them to due to the high amount of people bidding or buying from my auctions and then not paying.
I have fees to pay on every item sold and put yourself in my shoes if you was in the same position.
If you leave me anything other than positive feedback then I will have no option but to report you to eBay as you did not even contact me to say that your payment would be delayed.
Communication works both ways you know.
Yet their neg feedback states:
Extremely bad attitude, no communication and unpleasant to deal with
Bad attitude and unpleasant to deal with, why because I opened a non payment dispute?
No communication is not true as you can see that their message thanks me for my message which was letting them know that their purchase was to be posted on the same day that they paid.
I always send a minimum of 2 messages to a buyer firstly to thank them for payment and also to notify them when their purchase will be posted.
A 2nd message is sent to the buyer after an item has actually been posted letting them know that their purchase is on the way.
My detailed sellers ratings for the last 220 buyer transactions in the last 12 months are:
Item as described 4.89
Communication 4.90
Dispatch Time 4.91
Postage and Packaging Charges 4.85
I have had to request payment within 4 days and that non payment disputes would be opened after 2 days as a couple of months ago 50% of my buyers for the month (8) were non paying bidders.
I have set it up so that eBay automatically open non payment disputes after 2 days and also close them if a buyer does or doen't pay.
Buyers are using bad feedback as a weapon which is wrong and is not how feedback should be used!
eBay should be punishing these buyers and some of them are complaining after a purchase has arrived mainly just to receive a partial refund.
Buyers are wanting something for nothing!
Apologies if this guide seems like a bit of a rant but I am furious and needed to write this guide to let off some steam.
I reported blackrainbow767 to eBay and eBay's response was to remove the feedback that I left for them because it was deemed to be a negative comment with positive feedback which is against the rules for sellers.
But it is ok for buyers to leave a negative comment with a positive feedback for a seller which is Double Standards!
This is discrimination against sellers and is totally unfair.
Sellers should have the right to leave negative or neutral feedback for non payers and for nightmare buyers.
I have also reported demicorrie93 for feedback extortion and await a response from customer support to see if my appeal to have their negative feedback is sucessful although I am not holding my breath.
Sellers pay all of the fees to eBay (listing fee, final value fee, paypal fee & the new 10% of postage fee) yet we get the worst deal when it comes to problems with buyers.
This needs to change as without sellers eBay wouldn't have the buyers.
The single worst thing eBay have done was to remove a sellers ability to leave neutral or negative feedback for a buyer back in May 2008.
In eBay's eyes there is no such thing as a bad buyer otherwise non payment strikes for non payers would be visable to everyone on a buyers feedback page!
I was going to wait and see what the response was regarding demicorrie93's negative feedback but have decided that I am going to throw in the towel for the time being and have cancelled all of my 30+ current eBay auctions and ended them early as I can do without all of this hassle!
Apologies to any watchers on those auctions that were going to place a bid and those that do contact me will be directed to this guide to explain myself and I hope that that you will understand.
I hope that you have found this guide useful and please don't forget to vote as it is free to do so and only takes a moment.
The more votes I receive the more inclined I am to spend my valuable free time writing more eBay Guides and Reviews for you.
Many thanks.
If you have less than 5 feedback unfortunately you won't be able to vote (Sorry eBay rules and not mine!)

*** UPDATE 08/10/13 ***
eBay customer support's response is:
Thanks for writing to us about the negative feedback you’ve received from your buyer “demicorrie93”. I know how this matter upsets since you stated on your listing that you will open a non payment case after two days so let me look into this and help you resolve this matter.
I’ve reviewed this case for you and found that it doesn't meet our criteria for removal. For the feedback system to be fully effective, it needs to stay between members.  This means that we cannot censor feedback, nor do we prevent members from leaving feedback. If we are to prevent members from choosing what feedback to leave then the feedback forum will no longer be a place for free and open communication.
I would like to reassure you that we will take appropriate action once we see  evidence of a buyer unfairly damaging a seller's reputation. You can find more information about Feedback Removal policy here:
It’s a good thing to note that you were able to left a measurable reply to it as this is the best way to confirm you're a responsible trading partner and will allow other members to judge the situation for themselves.
What you can do now is to contact your buyer one more time and try to explain this matter to them. Having open communication will help you resolve any issue swiftly and efficiently.  You can request their contact number at the following page:
Remember that once you request their contact number, we will also send yours to promote trust and fairness on eBay.
Once you've resolved the issue with the member, you can submit a Feedback revision request through us and your buyer will be notified of your request to have their Feedback changed from negative/neutral to positive.
For more information on Feedback revision please click the link:
As a helpful tip I recommend you add immediate payment on your items. You can use the immediate payment feature with any selling format (Auction-style or Fixed Price), as long as your item has a Buy It Now price. Listings with the immediate payment feature must offer PayPal as the only payment method.
How it works
1. A buyer who clicks the Buy It Now button in your listing is directed to pay immediately for the item using PayPal.
2. Until the buyer completes payment, the item remains available to other buyers to purchase for the duration of the listing. The first buyer to complete their PayPal payment officially wins your item.
3. Once a buyer completes payment, the listing ends and you are directed to post the item.
For more information on immediate payment please copy and paste the link below into a new browser.
Please accept our gratitude for taking your precious time for bringing this to our attention. Taking an immediate action on your concern is one of our highest priorities as we aim to maintain eBay a fun and safe place to buy an sell items.
I trust I’ve clarified our feedback policy.
Kind regards,

'This means that we cannot censor feedback' and 'If we are to prevent members from choosing what feedback to leave then the feedback forum will no longer be a place for free and open communication.' - the feedback that I left for blackrainbow767 was censored as it was removed.
Sorry eBay but this is a downright lie as on the 5th of December 2012 I received a 3 month ban for leaving too many low detailed sellers ratings and as a result eBay removed from my seller profile any neutral or negative Feedback and low detailed seller ratings that I have left within the previous 12 months!
Please see my other eBay guide: 'Suspended from buying from eBay for 90 days'
So what happened to free and open communication when a seller can't leave a factual comment on a bad transaction?
'we will take appropriate action once we see evidence of a buyer unfairly damaging a seller's reputation.' - evidence was submitted in my report so where is the 'appropriate action'???
'What you can do now is to contact your buyer one more time and try to explain this matter to them' - this will achieve nothing as the buyer had already made their mind up to leave negative feedback in their very first message to me and I won't be offering any refund or partial refund as the last time I did that the buyer didn't revise their feedback after they were refunded which they said that they would do!
'As a helpful tip I recommend you add immediate payment on your items.' - wow now that would be fantastic advice, except you can't do this with auctions!
I have been using buy it now with immediate payment for years but due to the high fees and lack of sales I thought that I would take advantage of eBays free 99p auctions and occasional free auctions for items with a starting bid of over £1.
'so let me look into this and help you resolve this matter.' - sorry eBay but this matter has not been resolved as it hasn't in at least 80% of the other occasions when I have contacted you for help!
Customer Support = Kick in the teeth support! (most of the time, but not all of the time I must add).
'we aim to maintain eBay a fun and safe place to buy an sell items' - Nope it isn't safe any more and not since May 2008 when you took away sellers rights to leave bad feedback for buyers! Just the threat of it was enough to resolve situations and have buyers communicate with sellers,in most cases without buyers even having to resort to leaving bad feedback!
There is a new 10% fee on a sellers p&p from the 4th of September 2013 and you say it is fun!!!
The only fun gained is by yourselves (eBay) when you count the extra millions of pounds gained from sellers you are ripping off!
I do not know of any other company who charge sellers a seperate fee on their postage charges.
eBay is rapidly going downhill and downhill fast!
It is no fun when decent sellers such as myself are left negative feedback for 3 items costing the buyers 99p + 99p + £2.99!

*** UPDATE 08/11/13 ***
After having a think about things for the past couple of weeks or so I have decided that I am not going to let a couple of bad buyers spoil things for me and I have listed items again for auction.
I was concerned that the bad feedback from these 2 buyers would have an effect on my ability to sell but thankfully I don't think that it has or will reduce sales.
People can see from all my previous feedback that I have well over 1400 happy buyers in the past 7 years and it is inevitable that there will be a few bad apples amongst them.
It is just a shame that they didn't think before they left the bad feedback but they will never, ever buy from my auctions again.
I had a fairly new member contact me in response to the message I sent:
'I noticed that you haven't left feedback and I was wondering if everything was ok with your purchase from me?
Many thanks.'
They said that I was being 'pushy' about feedback and I apologised and said that I was just making sure that everything was ok and that being 'pushy' was never my intention.
I send all buyers this message about a week or so after purchase if they haven't left feedback to try and minimize buyers leaving bad feedback in the hope that if there is a problem they will communicate with me first.
Plus sometimes Courier services don't always leave a card saying that they have attempted delivery or that the buyers purchase has been left with a neighbour.
I can then check the tracking number and let the buyer know exactly where their purchase is as I normally use fully trackable courier services.
Royal Mail's tracking numbers only show that an item has or hasn't been signed for and an item cannot be fully tracked.
This is a first from a buyer though saying that I communicate too much, but surely it is best to communicate more than communicate less?
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