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Sound record

Price quality and fake that choose to The adjusted your budget
in line with the quality is not worth buying cheaper or fake
that buy the most necessary quality and price
1. The sound card (LEXICON I-ONIX U22 - USB Audio Interface)£ 99.00
2. Monitors (KRK Rokit 5 G3 (RP5) Active Powered Studio Reference Monitor Speaker)£ 95.49
3. Microphone (Rode K2 Variable Pattern Dual 1 "Condenser Valve Cardioid Figure-8 Microphone)£ 447.99
4. Headphones (Direct Sound EX29 Extreme Isolation Noise Cancelling Headphones) £110.99
5. Drum instrument controller (KORG NANOPAD2 USB-MIDI controller) £39.99
The choice is up to you I gave only the most necessary accessories and accessories remains the embodiment of your imagination.
Depending on the style of the equipment can be changed but not changed is the quality of what has been written above is unique and not forgery
can buy with confidence just make an inquiry in the search product
Software virtual synthesizer audio editor Plugins VSTi samplers virtual instruments, etc. Your choice
Recording Studio Software: Our Verdict and Recommendations
If you are looking for superior audio production prowess, Logic Pro X is the program for you. You'll be hard-pressed to find better audio sounds and production tools than the virtual instruments and loops that Logic Pro X provides. For sheer audio editing, Cubase and Sonar have superior audio interfaces and processes that allow you to streamline your audio editing workflow. All three products provide unrestricted audio recording capabilities, as well as the plugin support and variety that you want out of your DAW.
Both Cubase and Sonar Platinum have updated their programs to have intuitive layouts and strong plugin functionality. Cubase has also added unrestricted recording capabilities to the newest addition, something that previous versions were missing.
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