What paper should I choose for my Craft?

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Slams Made From Mixed Media.
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Slams Made From Mixed Media.

One of my favourite hobbies is making Slams, which are small booklets that are passed on to penpals and swappers thorought the postal system and filled in by each person until they are sent home dull to the maker.  These bookelets can be made in kinds of ways and choosing the correct paper to use for your design can be daunting, especially when confronted by so many on ebay, so whatever your paper craft hopefully my guide below will help you with your choice:

1. Water-colour paper is ideal for general use, and particularly when painting as it -absorbs the moisture, it is effective with acrylic, paint stick and some pastels.  The thickness of the paper also makes it suitable for use in making decorations and can even be a substitute for card.

2. Drawing papers are graphite permeable and must be durable to erasures. A paper that doesn’t ink blot and color absorption free is an effective drawing paper. There are five basic groups of drawing papers: Bristol, Charcoal and Pastel, Sketching, Bond paper and Graphics paper.  Bristol is the strongest, most durable and considered an all-purpose drawing paper, going down in strength to Graphics paper, which is also commonly known as 'bright white paper' and is commonly used in photocopiers and printers.

3. Another common type of paper is the print paper. It is available in different sizes, colours, quality and content.  This is the most common paper used for general purpose crafting due to its easy availability and variety of colours.

4. Another type is the oriental paper that is highly absorbent, thin and uses natural vegetable adhesive mucilage. It is available in handmade or machine made variety.

5. Specialty paper include interleaving or separation sheets, transfer paper, stencil paper, calligraphy, coated, vellum and in fact everything else that doesn't fit into any other category.  These papers are worth experimenting with as some dramatic effects can be achieved.

Of course, if you're still not sure what paper you want to buy then you can always find good mixed packs of paper on ebay and have a good experiment.  Happy paper crafting! :-)

Wrote In Conjunction With BzzAgent :-)
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