What pram/pushchair to buy next.....!?

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I am a *BAD* pramaholic, I have had over 300 now as I buy and sell and sometimes buy one and sell it the next day!

It really depends on the age of your child and to what you are using your pram for?

Around town shopping on and off public transport or do you drive and store in the car?

There is a huge range of prams out at the moment to chose from.

The Quinny Zapp and Buzz are portrayed to be amazing but personally I think they are for people who get shopping on a home delivery! and never go on buses!

I have had both in a few colours and found they were hell to get on and off the bus (as I dont drive) the front wheel has a mind of its own and goes off in all directions.


My best ever pram has been the Mothercare Jive Buggy, I know there is some out there who would disagree but they are so hard wearing and can be hammered when out shopping and have a heavy child in too! The back wheels may wear quite kwik but they can easily be replaced. You can now buy an acessory pack for both the girl and boy Jive. I have just bought the new Boys one in Catch Me If you Can and they are great! The only problem I found with them, I know they are cheap and not built for heavy use but I have had mine for about 3 wks and the back wheels are already showing wear and I haven't had heavy shopping on handles! Suppose can't complain for price and keeping in boot.


I also think a Maxi Cosi Citi CX is brilliant as has rather a wide seat and child cannot kick under wheels (my 2 yr does!) I have had one in tangerine (gorgeous colour!) and one in Navy. The hood is great as goes right forward when sun in face!


If you want a big chunky trendy pram try the Mutsy, (I have had a few yet again, in different colours) Once you have worked the nack of the articulated steering they are great. They can be made very cosy with the thickly lined footmuff for a smaller baby. And when the child is older you could add a FunSeat and trust me you get some attention with one of these (my sister had one and it looked great!)

If you want a 2 in 1 try the Mamas and Papas Pramette. They can be changed from a cosy newborn rear facing pram to a forward facing pushchair in one easy swoop! You can get all matching acessories for them and they fold quite compact to and fit in a car boot.

I recently tried a Cosatto Diablo and thought it was about the same as a Techno XT, so now I changed my mind again and have gone back to the famous Maclaren Quest! Wont last long though!

I have had a Phil & Teds and a Jane Slalom Pro and found these were ideal for smaller babies not large toddlers as rather big and hard to steer and get up and down pavements etc with weight in. Ideal if buying ONE pram (yeh right!) to see you through from Birth to Walking Toddler!

I now have purchased a M&P pramette travel system for my baby due in 11 wks and I also have purchased a Maclaren Techno XT new model so have one for all my needs!!!

I hope this is of help and feel free to contact me I am always online!!!!!!!

Due to me expecting my 3rd baby now, I will be buying and selling prams so be on the look out for a bargain! I

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