What quinnys are designed for

Like if this guide is helpful

I have just read an artical called 'why i sold my quinny' so i am writing a responce to it.

What quinnys are designed for! Quinnys are design for city use and the modern day lady. Its great for short trips out, shopping, nipping in town, park etc.

It wasn't designed for someone that doesn't have a car for example, for someone who does lots of walking.

Tips when looking for a buggy -

Wheels are they big or small gripped?

What will i mainly use it for?

If the child/toddler is going to be in it often, they would prob want one that lies down flat (as you can see the quinny doesn't lie back).

Are you in and out of the car often?

Will you go food shopping with it?

So my point being the quinny is a really great buggy depending on your lifestyle.


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