What salt de-icer really means to your pets

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Sodium chloride most commonly known as salt is with a doubt the most famed solution for de-icing throughout the winter. Suitable for chips, de-icing and tequila salt has many uses which can be surprising. However using salt as a de-icer is not necessarily the best idea to execute this winter.
Although salt is the most readily available de-icing product because of its large quantity on the planet it does not make it the best solution for removing ice and snow. As well as having negative effects on the plantation in your garden and the environment in general the compound of sodium chloride can also have severe effects on your pets.
Though you don't directly feed your pets the salt they do walk through the salt on a regular basis. Then they lick their paws. A common enough habit for them to keep themselves clean but the extra salt they are picking up from their paws can have negative effects on their internal organs.
As a beginning symptom salt poisoning can induce vomiting. Although this used to be a standard practise with vets to help with certain ailments it is bad for your pets' health. Too much salt can also lead to lethargy and walking like they are drunk. Although these are mild symptoms they are noticeable.
Compared to these mild symptoms of salt poisoning there are some more severe outcomes of the poisoning. Possible injuries in the kidneys can occur as well as seizures and in worst case scenarios death.
De-icing is a necessary task to undertake throughout the winter but by taking measures such as switching your de-icing method you can help to look after your family pets. The best product you can switch to is Ice Go. Available in liquid or pellet form you can use the product without any protective equipment or garments because there are no corrosive ingredients.
Using this kind of product not only looks out for your best friend but it also helps to prevent refreezing for up to 48 hours. Meaning it not only saves you money on not causing damage to your property but it reduces the amount of work you need to do by half.
Ice Go is the best de-icer you can use to keep ice at bay and keep all of your family and pets in a safe toxic free environment.
FUZE produce IceGo DeIcer in a range of Pellets and Liquid format in a wide variety of sizes to suit every requirement.  Available to buy from here. 

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