What size Garden Furniture should I buy for my Patio

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I have had several sets returned to me as the furniture has been to large for the patios, that is why I have writen this guide. Its  a simple question to answer but when you see your ideal piece of furniture you will know...

As a guide if you have a 2meter square patio what size table should you buy?

The majority of chairs regardless of construction take up about the same amount of floor space but to be comfortable and not get a squeeze on you should allow 55cm per chair and the length / width of the table.

So for a 2 meter patio you want to allow 2 chairs at 55cm each which equels 110cm allowing you 90cm for a table. This would be very comfortable even if surrounded by fencing on 3 sides, If the patio had no limiting walls then you could allow another 10cm on the table.

If you had a 3 x 2 Meter Patio you could comfortably get a 6 seater set with an oval table 150cm x 85cm, the limiting factor being the width of 2 meters on the patio. 

If you havent built your patio yet you can use the same rule, if you want an 8 seater set with a 240cm x120cm table then your patio should be built to a minimum of 3.5 meters by 2.3 meters

(100cm = 1 Meter)

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