What size aquarium should I buy?

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So you’re going to take the plunge and set up a new aquarium – and you’re asking yourself the question what size should it get?
Let ’s consider a few factors …..
Cost and Location
In general most experts would advise purchasing the biggest aquarium you can afford.  This is because you will have to go through a similar set up with a 3ft tank that you would a 6ft.  Plus you still need to think about aeration, filtration and water quality regardless of size.
Location is important for a number of reasons:  You must consider easy access for cleaning and maintenance – don’t forget once a 6ft tank is full of water, it’s not something you’re going to be able to empty and carry with ease!  You should ideally site your aquarium where you spend most of your time, this will allow you to enjoy it more and give it the attention it needs.  It’s no coincidence that aquariums placed in porches or other access areas are often forgotten about and disease is more likely to go undetected amongst its habitants.
Avoid placing a tank in constant or full sunlight as this can cause an increased level of bacteria production and other unwanted toxins which can harm your fish.  Direct sunlight can also affect the temperature control of your tank.  If you have no-where else to site your tank but in direct sunlight, don’t panic, you may need to think however about getting ultraviolet filters and or protein skimmers.
For much larger tanks, make sure you check that the flooring is suitable and will take the weight of the tank once full.
Fish Types
Most of the smaller common tropical, cold water or marine fish that people buy are generally happy in an average size tank, say 25gallon as long as it’s set up correctly.  That being said once you start looking at larger fish or specific breeds the size of tank is very important.  A larger tank can generally accommodate a variety of different breeds as it gives them space and their own ‘territory’ – make sure you check what breeds go with which before putting them together.
Quality of Water
A larger aquarium generally will mean a greater volume of water which will naturally dilute any toxins that are produced by fish or other aquarium life at a greater level than a smaller aquarium.  Don’t forget though, more water means more filtration.  Always be sure to check the costs of appropriate size filters for the volume of water your tank will hold and, as above, depending on where you are locating your new project, consider ultraviolet filtration.
So in summary, look for the largest tank you can afford given the types of life you want to keep.  Site your aquarium correctly and always consider the quality of water……………..
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