What size padded envelopes to use?

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You've sold your item on Ebay and you're absolutely thrilled. Looking at it, you know your buyer is going to be extremely happy with it.

But what if, when they receive it, the packaging has burst ... it's damaged ... or broken. Taking a little time over the packaging could make the difference between a happy repeat customer ... or an unhappy one who will go running to your competitors and bad-mouth your service!

So to ensure your item arrives with the buyer in pristine condition, you've decided on using padded envelopes. Either the bubble-lined envelopes or the mascerated paper fibre (commonly Jiffy) envelopes. But there's so many to choose from!

A simple formula could make all the difference!

Simple Calculation:

To choose Width of Mailer:                  (W) Width of item + (T) Thickness of item + 25mm

To choose Length of Mailer                 (L) Length of item + (T) Thickness of item + 50mm

Example:                                              A video cassette, in a standard padded envelope
                                                            190mm x 100mm x 25mm (L x W x T)

To Calculate Width of Mailer                                            To Calculate Length of Mailer
Width of product:                 100                                            Length of product                 190
Thickness of product             25                                            Thickness of product              25
+ 50mm                               25                                            + 50mm                                50
                                          ----                                                                                        ----
Minimum Width of Mailer     150mm                                      Minimum Length of Mailer     265mm

Calculated Mailer Size: 150mm x 265mm
Recommended Mailer Size: Jiffy No 1 - 165mm x 280mm

Note: Don't forget the correct mailer size must be larger than the minimum calculated size in BOTH dimensions.
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