What size sheet do I need for my bed?

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What size bed will this sheet fit? This a question that I am often asked as I sell many antique and vintage pure Irish linen sheets and good quality vintage cotton sheets. There is a great deal of variance in the size of antique and vintage sheets. Some of the older linen sheets are hand woven and the width was entirely dependant on the size of the loom. Antique linen sheets are often found to have a centre seam hand stitched with tiny stitches as the looms could not produce a width of cloth large enough for a bed and therefore two widths were combined. The lengths of sheets vary also as beds in Victorian times and earlier were shorter than the standard 6 foot (or larger) mattresses used today.

A standard UK double bed is 54 inches wide and a single is 36 inches. If the sheet is required for a bottom sheet then it needs to have at least 15 inches on each side to tuck under the mattress so it would need to be either 66 inches or larger for a single bed or 84 inches or larger for a double. Obviously this will change if you have a thick mattress.

If it is to be used as a top sheet then you can probably get away with having a minimum of 12 inches overhang on either side which means that a single sheet will need to be 60 inches or larger and a double will be 78 inches or larger.

The length of a standard bed is 72 inches. For a bottom sheet there needs again to be at least 15 inches at top and bottom to tuck under the mattress so a sheet will need to be at least 102 inches long.

If it is to be used as a top sheet then any sheet over 90 inches long will tuck in well and extend to cover the pillows or turn back over a bedspread.

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