What time to sell your Ebay items?

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Whilst doing some Ebay surfing, I started to ask myself why similar items can go for quite different prices at the end of an auction. I came to the conclusion, after a bit of research, that the differences in final auction bids was often down to when an item was listed to finish. This may seem obvious to alot of Ebayers, but some people I speak to put an item up for auction without giving much thought to who may be watching and wanting to make late bids.

Over the years, I have learnt to consider carefully the time my auctions will finish in order that the maximum number of people will be able to watch the auction end. I've listed a few of the points I consider when setting up an auction. I hope somebody may find it useful.

1/ Don't end an auction during working hours. Many people can't get to a computer, at work, so can't bid.

2/ During the week aim to end auctions around 7-8 o'clock - people are home from work and if they are going back out, it will usually be around the 8 o'clock mark.

3/ Try to avoid after 8 o'clock on a Friday and Saturday night. Alot of people go out.

4/ At weekends avoid finishing auctions on a Saturday afternoon. People are out shopping, at sporting events or doing family stuff.

5/ Avoid early Sunday mornings. People are either sleeping in, playing sports or at church.

6/ Don't end your auction late at night. Many people will be in bed, so can't put in a final bid.

7/ If you are selling Worldwide, try to choose a time when your main audience will be up. If you want to sell to the USA make sure the auction won't finish in the middle of their night (I know this is difficult due to time zones, but it doesn't hurt to consider this).

This all may seem very obvious to some people, but if you are new to Ebay, it may be worth considering some of these points in order to maximise your sales. I would like to know if any other Ebayers think closely about their auction endings, and would be interested to see if there's anything I've missed that could help me.

Thanks for reading, hope some of this may be useful.




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