What to Consider When Buying Sugar-Free Gum

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What to Consider When Buying Sugar-Free Gum

Sugar-free gum is a popular alternative to regular sweetened gum, and unlike its sugary counterpart, usually only contains five calories per stick. The result is that sugar-free gum is not only ideal for freshening breath, and reducing stress like regular gum, but also for cutting calories. Like other sugar-free sweets and chocolate, there are considerations to keep in mind when you buy it.


The Ingredients in Sugar-Free Gum

If you are choosing sugar-free gum or bubble gum for health reasons, then it is important to consider what is in it. Many manufacturers use the words 'gum base' to describe a range of filler ingredients including resin, plasticisers, elastomers, fillers, and anti-oxidants, which blend to create the overall texture of the gum. This is before sweeteners and flavours. Then, most sugar-free gum brands like Trident, CB12, Wrigley's, and Extra use xylitol for sweetening instead of sugar. Some options like SteviaDent use stevia, which is a natural ingredient, instead. Some sugar-free gum options include aspartame, which is usually unhealthy, especially if you consume other aspartame products.


What Do You Want From the Sugar-Free Gum

Many people buy sugar-free gum for a variety of different purposes. The most common purpose is weight loss. If you are buying weight loss gum that specifies weight loss, then it might help you to lose weight, but most sugarless gum is just sugarless. While it may help you to cut calories by avoiding other snacks, you will not necessarily lose weight off it. The second most popular reason to buy sugar-free gum is to improve dental health, strengthen teeth, and whiten teeth. Most sugar-free gum, especially xylitol gum, helps with this over time, but it does take a long time. Finally, you can buy sugar-free gum to enjoy, or to freshen your breath. Mint flavours are great for freshening your breath, and any flavour you like is good for enjoying.


Buying Sugar-Free Gum in Bulk

If you plan on chewing a lot of sugar-free gum or do not necessarily want to have to keep stocking up, then a bulk order is the best way to go. Buying two or more packages of gum at the same time helps you to save money and time. While you can buy bulk packages of the same gum, you can also mix and match boxes and buy one box of mint gum and one of fruit or strawberry gum, for example. Some sellers also offer large lots of the same gum, so you can stock up on your favourite. For example, you can buy most Trident gum in large lots, for considerably less than you would get it in individual packages.

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