What to Consider When Buying a Republic Dress for the Office

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What to Consider When Buying a Republic Dress for the Office

USC Republic dresses come in stylish, trendy designs suitable for work and play. Your office dress code should guide your buying decision. Choose an office dress that creates a polished, professional look, and select one with office-friendly fabrics in suitable designs.


Buying a Republic Dress that Suits Your Office Dress Code

Your office dress code is the most important aspect to consider when choosing your professional wardrobe. Employers typically require their staff to wear casual, smart-casual, or professional attire to work. If your employer has not provided you with formal guidelines regarding your work dress code, consider what your colleagues wear for guidance. Although you can wear everyday clothing in an office with a casual dress code, find out whether the dress code restricts the type of clothing allowed. For example, some dress codes exclude minis or dresses with spaghetti straps. Smart-casual dress is more formal than casual dress, but less formal than business dress. Avoid denim, short skirts, and strappy dresses. Many women wear suits as part of their business or professional dress codes but a conservative Republic Miso dress with a suit jacket works too. Look for solid colours, such as black or navy, with subtle patterns, conservative cuts, and hemlines that fall on or below the knee. A shift dress is ideal for this type of dress code.


Republic Dress Hems and Necklines

The most versatile Republic or USC dresses have conservative cuts that create sleek silhouettes. You can incorporate trendy prints and colours into your wardrobe, but always aim for a professional, polished look. The dress you choose should not be overly revealing, so focus on design aspects such as hem height, neckline, and fit. An office dress should not sit more than 5 centimetres above your knee. Similarly, the neckline should leave something to the imagination. If you opt for a lower neckline or shorter hem, choose an A-line dress or a tailored cut that does not cling to your curves. Alternatively, add tights or a jacket to balance the outfit. A wrap dress flatters most figures and provides a feminine yet polished look.


Republic Dress Fabrics and Designs

Sheer fabrics and stretch fabrics are better suited to casual and evening wear than they are to office dresses. Good quality cotton dresses, wool dresses, and silk dresses are ideal for professional wear. A jersey wrap dress and dresses that consist of other knits and blends offer affordable options. Choose geometric or floral prints rather than animal prints, and carefully accessorise bold patterns to avoid outfits that are too busy. Think twice before introducing frills and lace to your work wardrobe. Fewer embellishments provide a polished, professional look. Add a versatile black USC dress to your wardrobe to change from daywear to eveningwear by simply changing your shoes, accessories, and make-up.

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