What to Consider When Purchasing an Irish Flute

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What to Consider When Purchasing an Irish Flute

Irish flutes provide a dark and reedy tone, making them a popular option for individuals seeking a sound distinct from that of a classical or concert flute. There are many types of Irish flutes available on eBay, each with different specifications. When researching Irish flutes, it is important to be mindful of the varying materials, system styles, and brands in order to determine which flute best meets your needs.


Irish flutes are crafted from a variety of materials. Generally, the more dense the material, the better the flute sounds. Although Irish flutes can be constructed from delrin, polymer, or polyvinyl chloride, the majority are constructed from wood. Some popular wooden flute options include cherry, walnut, oak, rosewood, and maple. Due to its high density, African blackwood is also a popular choice among Irish flute enthusiasts. Although wooden flutes tend to be most popular because of the natural sound they produce, they do have some potential disadvantages. This includes the possibility of swelling or cracking, especially in extreme temperatures. Non-wood flutes, on the other hand, are not affected in this way.


System Style

Prior to purchasing an Irish flute, you must carefully consider which system style best coincides with the intended use and purpose of the flute. An Irish flute can follow a simple-system or a Boehm-system. Most traditional Irish flutes are consistent with the simple-system, consisting of six tone holes and up to 13 metal keys. Many simple-system flutes have no keys whatsoever. Simple-system flutes have remained popular even after the creation of the Boehm-system flute. These flutes have a cylindrical bore. Orchestras often utilise them, as they provide a more classical sound. These flutes, however, pose a higher level of difficulty as a result of the keyed system.


Brand and Condition

There is a wide variety of Irish flute manufacturers and brands to choose from. Each brand available may differ in subtle or more noticeable ways. Some of the more popular brands include Jupiter, Rosewood , and Trevor James. There are many Irish flutes which have also been hand-crafted. Generally, hand-crafted flutes can be more costly than some of the more common brand name flutes. It is also wise to review the condition of the flutes you are considering. While many Irish flutes may come brand new in the box, others may be gently used or refurbished. Irish antique flutes can also be purchased from a variety of retailers.

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