What to Do When the Dog Has Eaten the TV Remote

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What to Do When the Dog Has Eaten the TV Remote

TV remote controls are built to last for many years with the only expense that users generally incur being the cost of replacement batteries. With dog owners, however, that might not be the case.

The correlation between dog owners and recurring expenses for TV remotes may seem a strange one. The truth is that many dogs love to chew. Often this is exploratory chewing that adolescent dogs between the ages of 7 to 12 months indulge in, either because of irritation in the gums as their adult teeth settle in or if the dog is simply trying to explore a new environment. Unfortunately, for some dogs, a plastic TV remote makes for a very good chewy toy,, especially when there is no one home. The added attraction for the dog is also the master’s scent that the remote carries.

Though the TV remote is easier replaced than the dog, replacing the original remote can be fairly expensive. The simple solution to this, of course, is to put away the TV remote well out of the dog’s reach and get the dog a whole array of chewy toys. If it is too late for that precaution, then it is time to select a new remote, and knowing about the various replacement remote controls helps in selecting the right one. One can easily find replacement TV remotes of the same brand as the original on websites such as eBay,, which has a vast variety of branded remotes. Alternately, the local dealer may be able to provide one, or one might place an order with the manufacturer. Other universal remote controls that are not brand specific are also available easily; moreover, these universal remote controls may be used with multiple devices such as disc players, TVs, and VCRs or may be used solely for TV sets.. Knowing the options makes a household crisis, even one as odd as the dog eating the TV remote, easier to handle.

How a TV Remote Control Works

The TV remote control is a simple device that enables people to change channels, alter the settings, and issue other commands without moving from their seats. These small handheld devices pack in most functions with only some primary controls on the TV, Blu-ray player, or DVD player that it controls. Therefore, if the dog has chewed up the remote, the owner is indeed left high and dry.

Most TV remotes are powered by simple AA or AAA batteries and the number of batteries needed is specific to the remote. Rechargeable batteries are also a good choice and are cost-effective over time. TV remotes generally use infrared technology, infrared being an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The transmitter on the remote sends out pulses of infrared light carrying specific binary codes. Each code corresponds to function buttons such as power on or off, volume controls, and others. The infrared receiver in the gadget decodes the signal and its microprocessor reads and executes the commands. The infrared signals are propagated line-of-sight, which means that the infrared signals sent out by the remote travels in a straight line and should be unhindered by walls, furniture, or such other objects.

Types of TV Remote Controls

The television set has undergone a sea change with enhanced functionalities and includes Internet surfing and other computer capabilities, in addition to the hundreds of channels that broadcast various sports, news, entertainment, cookery, promotional and on-demand programmes. Several gadgets may be connected to it and all these can be operated using a single remote. Therefore, the TV remote today has hundreds of functions and commands, made so simple that, with only a few buttons, hundreds of channels and other connected gadgets are easily accessed.

Windows Media Centre Remote

A home theatre PC or HTPC allows users to watch television and surf the Internet on a large screen. The Windows Media Centre application on HTPCs allows users to view and record live TV coverages and may also be used for music and Internet videos. The remote control that this system uses has a green button with the Windows logo on it. Users must have compatible operating system, or OS, to ensure that the media centre remote (MCE remote) works perfectly. Connection to the PC is established via infrared receivers. MCE remotes are manufactured by several leading companies such as Dell, Philips, HP, and others.

Programmable Universal Remotes

As people buy electronic home entertainment gadgets, they tend to collect several remote controls, as one device comes with every gadget. Operating so many is cumbersome and a mix-up is also bound to happen, which can be very frustrating. A universal remote control is the solution to operating numerous gadgets such as the Blu-ray player,, media centre, TV,, audio systems, home theatre systems, and other such gadgets, with a single remote.

The signals of the universal remote control are pre-programmed to control all the different gadgets. These remotes are available in different price ranges, with the less expensive remotes having just basic functions of a remote control and typically able to control fewer devices. Universal remotes that can control up to 20 different gadgets are sophisticated devices that allow the user to change settings to create user-defined programmes. The universal remotes are manufactured for compatibility with a wide array of gadgets of every model, both from leading manufacturers and even smaller brands. Shoppers can cross-check at the remote manufacturer’s website or in the instruction manual about what gadgets and models are supported by the remote.

Smart Remote Controls for Internet TV

Smart TVs evolved as television technology advanced and smart TVs incorporate computer functions, Internet access, and television viewing using high-quality screens. With full browser making it possible to get content without restrictions, one can stream video from popular websites for films and other entertainments. However, for the apps that bring in sports updates, video games, and social networking, smart TVs need smart remote controls designed especially for the computer that also handles TV commands. With integrated keyboards and touch screens, smart remote controls make it possible to browse the Web using a TV remote.

Covers for TV Remote Controls

TV remote controls are sensitive devices that are used several times a day, and as such are susceptible to dirt and grime. TV remote control covers protect the remote from such damage. They are generally made of transparent plastic so the buttons are easily visible, with a back cover that is usually opaque, either black or grey. These covers are easily removable, allowing for convenient removal and replacement of batteries. If one prefers, disposable covers for TV remotes are available, and can be discarded in place of a new one. These disposable covers are handy, considering that all members in a family handle the TV remote control which inevitably leads to an accumulation of grime and sweat. The covers also protect the remotes from spills, a common accident since many people enjoy sipping beverages or drinks or munching on snacks as they relax watching the television. None of these covers provide any protection from dogs, however, so dog owners need to keep the remote in a safe place, out of the dog’s reach.

How to Buy Replacement TV Remote Controls on eBay

Unlikely as it may seem, a major reason that people shop for replacement remotes is because the dog chewed it up, or because they hid it away from the dog and then were unable to find it. The electronics section on eBay deals with listings of various electronic and electrical gadgets and other accessories that go with these gadgets. The subsection for audio and video has listings for home equipment and the various accessories required thereof. Shoppers can browse through thousands of listings of branded remotes, universal, and smart remotes. With such a vast variety of replacement TV remotes readily available, shoppers are certain to find one of their choice and budget.

Shoppers looking to buy replacement TV remotes would do well to note down the model number and other relevant details available on their existing device, before it is damaged or destroyed or lost. This information is helpful in finding the exact replacement. In case of any uncertainty regarding the product, shoppers should contact the seller, which helps ensure that the shopper gets the right product. After selecting the remote control, shoppers can proceed to checkout and complete the payment with any one of eBay’s numerous secure and convenient payment options.


TV remotes are all too often lost, misplaced, or damaged by spillages, or by a playful pet dog that chooses the remote as its chewy toy. Replacement remotes are easy to find but can be expensive to buy. Regardless of the price, however, once the remote is damaged, owners have little choice but to buy a replacement to get the TV set working and to enjoy the unmatched convenience remotes offer. One may obtain several brands and models of television remotes, whether from the dealers, directly from the manufacturer, or from online stores such as eBay..

Sometimes obtaining remotes for old television models poses a challenge. In this case, universal remotes, which can be used with several different gadgets simultaneously, are a convenient solution. Thought most universal remotes are compatible with most television brands and models, shoppers should make doubly sure that it is compatible with their television brand. Users who need replacements for Internet TV remotes and Media Centre Remotes, or MCRs, are be delighted to know that these are also easily available and they need not worry about their expensive gadgets idling without the convenience of the remote control. Whatever the reason one should need to replace the TV remote control, eBay is sure to have what one needs.

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