What to Look For When Buying Double Earpiece Headsets

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What to Look For When Buying Double Earpiece Headsets

Headsets are vital accessories for a range of electronic gadgets where good aural communication is required. Mobile phones, MP3 players, sound systems, and gaming devices all benefit from an earpiece headset accessory. The right headset can considerably enhance the quality of the sound received, as well as enabling wearers to effectively and safely operate equipment or games at the same time as taking calls or listening to music. In addition, a headset enables users to enjoy music or commentary without disturbing others. Comfort, functionality, sound quality and price are all factors which can influence the purchasing decision. It should be noted that double headsets are not recommended for use while driving; even a headphone which allows some external noise to penetrate does not give a safe level of awareness while on the road. Single ear piece headsets are more appropriate.

Key Characteristics of Double Earpiece Headsets

Double earpiece headsets can come in a range of different styles and types, each with its own unique characteristics. Detailed below are some of the main variations in style which a double earpiece headset can present.



Wired A headset which is physically connected via a cable or wire to another piece of equipment, often a laptop or music system. A wired headset can offer superior sound quality in comparison with a wireless offering. The main disadvantage of a wired headset is that mobility can be compromised, unless the gadget to which the headset is attached can be easily transported.
Wireless Usually utilising Bluetooth technology, wireless headsets operate using short range wireless waves to communicate with the required phone or laptop. Wireless headsets feature limited, simple controls which are easy to operate. They allow easy movement within the operating range of the wireless connection (anything from a few metres to nearly one hundred metres) while maintaining contact with the required communication device. Sound quality is often poorer than a wired headset.
Monoaral Telephone communication operates in a monoaural manner, meaning that there is only a single channel for sound. Even if a monoaural headset has a double earpiece, when utilised with a phone only a monoaural signal will be received. This means that music received through this type of headset will be of limited quality, unless the headset and the phone have an A2DP profile to enable better quality listening.
Stereo A stereo headset has a broader frequency and picks up the two channels which comprise the stereo listening experience. This makes them a far better option for listening to music or gaming.
Omni-directional Microphone When the microphone part of the headset is omni-directional, sound can be picked up from many different directions and transferred through the microphone. This can be advantageous for recording sound which comes from a variety of sources, for example music made by several different instruments. Unfortunately the microphone doesn't discriminate between which sounds to pick up, meaning there can be significant background noise, while making a phone call using an omni-directional headset.
Noise Cancelling Microphone This type of microphone is also known as bi-directional. The technology employed results in sound being picked up from directly in front and behind the microphone unit alone. Although less sound is picked up, this type of microphone is ideal for the clear transfer of a telephone conversation or when using a computer to make Internet calls.

Type of Headphone Used in the Headset

Depending on the intended use for the headset, there are a number of different types of headphone which can form the loudspeaker part of the headset. Selection of the most appropriate variety may be influenced by the quality of the sound obtained, comfort, ability to hear external noise, and price. The following table describes the most commonly available headphones, as well as giving information on the usual ways in which these items are employed.


These headphones completely encompass the ear, totally blocking external noise. They are ideal for game playing or listening to music where complete concentration is desirable. Modern designs are very comfortable, although inevitably weigh more than smaller headphones. The inability to hear external noise means that this style of headphone should be restricted to using in a safe environment, where cognisance of outside variables is not a priority.


These headphones sit against the ear, but don't cover the entire ear. They are lighter to wear than the bulkier circumaural headphones and many people consider them to be more comfortable. Some external noise does penetrate, but this can be useful when interaction may occasionally be needed. Supra-aural headphones are useful when listening to music on portable equipment as well as providing excellent sound quality when using them with a gaming device or laptop.


Resting within the outer ear, these headphones are small and light. They are commonly used in conjunction with portable music gadgets. Some users find they don't remain in place, while others find the amount of external noise which these headphones permit reduces their ability to concentrate on the sounds from their headphones.

In-ear headphones

Designed to rest within the ear canal, these are extremely small, but can be difficult to fit comfortably.

All types of headphone can be moulded into different styles of headset: Over-the-ear or ear-loop design; over-the-head design and behind-the-neck design. The controls for each style is often housed on the headset itself, although may be found in a separate unit. Manufacturers have created products which incorporate different types of headphones in a range of headset styles, so it is usually possible to select the preferred combination of headphone and headset design.

Superior Sound Quality, Comfort and Convenience in a Headset

Particularly if listening to music or employing a headset for gaming, superior sound quality is highly desirable. In addition, comfort and easy to use controls are both important for continued user satisfaction. Often these qualities are measured subjectively; customer reviews are a useful source of feedback on which headsets give the best overall performance. Detailed below are some of the key headset attributes which are commonly associated with a superior product.

Sound Quality

Essentially, high sound quality results in the most accurate reproduction of the original sound created. Total harmonic distortion, frequency response, and signal to noise ratio can all affect the final sound quality. The choice of a monoaural or stereo headset also influences final sound quality. As headsets of a higher calibre are proportionately more expensive, budget also has a determining role in the level of sound quality which the purchased product displays.


Many headsets have volume controls on the headphones, enabling easy altering without having to find a separate control module. Gaming headsets in particular, can offer easily variable control for both the microphone and the headphones, enabling the volume for one to be different to the other. Telephone headsets usually feature a start and end call button on the headset, facilitating ease of use. It is often helpful to compare several different headset models and decide on those features which will best meet the end use.


Comfort is a highly subjective feature, influenced by the time a wearer will be using the headset for, head position, weight of the headset, and its shape. Many headsets have customisable features, enabling them to be altered to fit the individual needs of a wearer.

Finding Double Earpiece Headsets on eBay

eBay offers a good opportunity to peruse a wide selection of potentially suitable headsets from many different suppliers. The ability to acquire both new and used headsets greatly increases choice, particularly where budgetary constraints are an issue. To begin searching for a range of double earpiece headsets, select the All Categories Tab, followed by Electronics & Technology. After this, select Mobile Phones & Communication from the available options. From that menu, choose the Headsets tab to be taken to an enormous selection of suitable products. It is also possible to search by a particularly crucial characteristic, for example bluetooth headsets or particular style, such as double earpiece headset.


Double earpiece headsets are a vital component of a phone, gaming or music system, enabling optimal enjoyment and function in a variety of situations. Making the right headset purchase enables greater performance from an electronic gadget as well as providing a comfortable experience for the user. If chosen carefully, a headset can be used with more than one piece of equipment, resulting in a versatile item which represents good value for money.

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