What to Look Out for When You Are Buying Car Covers

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What to Look Out for When You Are Buying Car Covers

A big part of many people’s lives, cars are often a very big investment as well. At one point in time, cars were considered to be a luxury item. But as times have changed so have the needs for transportation methods. Depending on where a person lives, a car might actually even a necessity in order to make a living, buy necessities, and get back and forth from necessary places like a doctor's office. This is especially true in isolated rural regions or other places where walking is not feasible and no form of public transportation is offered.

Just as it is important to have vehicles properly maintained in order to keep them protected from internal mechanical breakdowns, exterior protection is often needed as well to keep various exterior components like doors, latches, and windows in good working order as well and to keep metal rims and paint jobs from rusting over time. Car covers can be located at auto part retailers and on eBay. When the exterior of a car is exposed to harsh or continuous stressors, knowing what car cover is best to protect it from those elements is very advantageous to both the car and its owners.

Exterior Car Protection

There are many elements that can contribute to a car’s demise if left unprotected for too long. Being left outdoors unprotected from all of the harsh elements the weather is known for is very bad for the exterior of a car. When left unprotected for long periods of time, the exterior of a car is able to receive some major damage from such elements as wind, rain, rust, and UV rays from the sun as well.

Ideally, a garage is the perfect place to store a car when it is not in use; however, not everyone has the luxury of having one. Although garages do offer some major advantages when it comes to protecting a car, a garage also has the potential to have elements that are hazardous as well. That is why it is important to find a car cover that meets the needs of the surroundings it is in, in order to afford it adequate protection from these types of elements.

Wind Damage

Hardly anyone lives in a climate where there is not at least an occasional strong wind at times. Strong winds are bad for the exterior of a car for many reasons. One reason is the ability of a strong wind to pick up dirt and debris and blow it around, which can be hard on various exterior components such as windows, latches, and paint jobs. Although the damages caused by wind or any outdoor element are not necessarily hard to fix, they are often expensive. Protecting the exterior of a car with an elasticised car cover helps to block the wind and things like dirt and debris, which can harm it.

Acid Rain Damage

Rain might not seem like that big of a threat to the exterior of a car, but in many cases, it actually can be harmful to the body of the vehicle. Acid rain is one form of rain that is extremely detrimental to the outer surface of a car. Although many cars may have a protective coating to guard against hazards, such as acid rain, over time that coating can wear off, especially after repeated outdoor exposure.

Acid rain can be either wet or dry and refers to the pollutants that are left behind. The white spot that is often left behind after a water droplet evaporates could signal acid rain. Using a waterproof car cover can greatly decrease the risk of a car’s exterior being damaged from acid rain.

Rust Damage

Rust is one of the worst enemies to the exterior of a car because it eats away at the metal, leaving small pits and can eventually leave holes if left untreated over time. Even the tiniest cracks in a car’s paint job can leave an opportunity for rust to creep in, especially for people who live close to large bodies of saltwater.

Covering a car is a good way to keep a lot of moisture out; however, moisture still can accumulate under the cover and be trapped between the cover and the car. It does not have to be rainy outside for moisture to accumulate either. Humid climates can attribute to moisture build-up as well, so purchasing a breathable car cover that is also waterproof can help solve this type of problem.

UV Ray Damage

Almost everyone is aware of the how harmful the damage can be to a person’s body, and it does not take much exposure to the sun’s rays to cause that damage. Cars are the same way when left outdoors unprotected; the UV rays beating down on it also causes similar damage to the body. UV rays from the sun are another one of nature’s elements that is very hard on a car’s exterior. Intense sunlight on a car’s surface over time causes the paint to fade. Not only does the paint fade, but it can become cracked as well. Repainting the surface of a car is much more expensive than buying a car cover that has been treated to offer UV protection is a worthwhile way to protect that investment.

Pollutants and Other Contaminants

Being able to protect a car by keeping it in an enclosed space free from outside elements is a great start in making sure that the vehicle is afforded the protection it needs; however, the protection should not stop there. There are hidden contaminants and pollution in the air all around us, and just as it can be bad for a person to be exposed to those conditions for long, these pollutants and contaminants are just as detrimental to a car. Dust can settle into the tiniest crevices on a car and be very damaging to it over time.

Likewise, chemicals that may be stored within an enclosed area can leave a film on a car’s surface, which may also pose a potential threat to a vehicle. Since the vehicle is not exposed to harsh elements, buying even a used or new elasticised car cover can prove to be an ideal solution in helping allow a car adequate protection from any hazards that might pose a threat while the car is in an enclosed space.

Additional Car Protection

Protecting the interior of a car is just as important as protecting the exterior. Heat, like wind, is an invisible environmental element that causes a lot of damage to a vehicle. Intense heat is able to build up within a car’s interior and damage various car components. Some things that this heat build-up can affect include dashboards, steering wheels, seats fabrics or materials, door panels, and actually almost anything that is found in a car’s interior.

Even though a person may already have a car cover with adequate protection while it is not in use, it is not ideal to take the cover on errands around town and cover it again once the vehicle is parked. In this type of situation, using a car window cover while leaving a car parked away from home is an easy way to help protect the interior of a vehicle. Listed below are other items that can be obtained to help protect a car on the inside and out.

Type of Cover

Notable Characteristics

Car Boot Liner

Great for keeping boots dry and free from animal hair

Steering Wheel

Keeps heat and UV rays from cracking and fading steering wheel


Fitted and universal seat covers styles stops fading and cracking of seat materials

Top Cover

Keeps ice and snow off of window areas

Car covers come in a variety of styles and can also be custom made if one so chooses. The important thing about car covers is to make sure that they fit the car adequate so that they can do the job that they are intended for. When people take care of their cars now, their cars can take care of them in the future.

Buying Car Covers on eBay

Buying car covers on eBay is one way to get the item you are looking for since this online marketplace has so many items to choose from. To find a suitable cover for your car on this site, you can begin by navigating to the eBay homepage. Once there, type in what you are looking for in the search query box that is located at the top of that page, or any subsequent page on the eBay website, and click the search button icon.

For example, if you want a car cover that allows adequate air circulation, type in the words "breathable car cover" and then click on search. Displayed before you are a number of car covers that offer this protection. There is also an advanced search feature option that allows additional categorical features to be applied as well, such as filtering results by price, seller, location, and many more options. Taking advantage of buying a car cover on eBay is one that is hassle-free and convenient.


Exterior protection given to a car by adding car covers helps to keep away many of nature’s harmful elements that constantly surround it. Overtime, exposure to wind, acid rain, rust, UV rays, and contamination can wear down many surfaces on the exterior of a vehicle. Wind is able to damage a vehicle by picking up dirt and debris; acid rain can harm exterior elements on a car such as paint; rust eats away at metal surfaces causing them to break down; and UV rays also can harm a paint job by cracking it, exposing bare metal underneath. Likewise, pollutants and contaminants can sit on the body of a vehicle in an enclosed space that is meant to protect it if it is not cared for properly.

Keeping windows covered from the intense heat of the sun can also save interior components on a car as well. There are many things to watch out for when buying a car cover, so it is important to take stock of any hazards lurking in the area the car may be exposed to and take those factors into consideration before choosing a car cover. Doing so ensures finding the right car cover to properly protect a car.

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