What to Look for When Buying Cherished Number Plates

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What to Look for When Buying Cherished Number Plates

Cherished number plates essentially refer to dateless number plates, where there is no representation of the year of issue. Dated number plates came into being only in 1963. Many people refer to cherished number plates as personalised number plates, given that they allow vehicle owners to associate them with their names, date of birth, professions, or hobbies. Such number plates sell in different formats.



With cherished number plates, the letters of the alphabet and the numbers remain either before or after each other and not interspersed. Examples include MIG 609, YAZ 298, 40 FG, and 800 FX. This format gives vehicle owners simpler means of matching number plates to their fancy. Formats post-1963, like A1 BCD and AB12 CD, make this process a tad more difficult.



No definite way exists to establish how much to pay for a cherished car number plate, given that some existing owners might not want to part with their cherished numbers, even for princely sums. UK's first number plate, A1, sold to a foreign Royal family, and if it is to go on sale again, buyers can expect to pay in the millions. Given that such number plates have been in use for more than 50 years, finding number plates priced in the tens of thousands pounds should not come as a surprise. The fact that 1D sold for 352,000 pounds in 2009, 51 NGH sold for 254,000 pounds in 2006, 1A sold for 200,000 pounds in 1989, serves as further proof of how expensive these number plates can get. On the other hand, buyers can expect to buy certain cherished number plates for as little as a few hundred pounds or less.



People can use number plates without any mention of year of issue with just about all kinds of vehicles, irrespective their vehicle's age. Drivers can only use number plates with year of issue mentioned with vehicles made after the plate's date of issue. For example, you can use 58 style registration plates only with vehicles made in or after September 2008. Moreover, steer clear of decorative typefaces like italics, do not buy plates that alter characters to make them look otherwise, and avoid with background designs. Using them is illegal.


Swapping Numbers for Letters

When buying cherished plates, especially ones with interspersed letters and numbers, think about letters and numbers that resemble each other. For example, 0 looks quite like O, 1 looks like I, 3 can represent E, 8 and 13 look like B, and 5 can represent S.

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