What to Look for When Buying PoE Network Switches

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What to Look for When Buying PoE Network Switches

Whilst not everyone will be jumping for gold, it can be difficult to find which shaped trampoline is right for the buyer. Is a circular or square one better for children? Or does an oval one last longer?

The internet is a vast market place and it can seem overwhelming knowing where to start looking for a trampoline online, but with the help of this guide, finding the right shaped trampoline on eBay will be easy.

The Uses for Different Shaped Trampolines

The shape of a trampoline may just appear to be an aesthetic choice but it is in fact a more complex decision. The way the springs react with the shape of the frame and fabric means that some types of jumping style will be more effective, for example a higher bounce will be achieved with a rectangular trampoline than on a circular one. The user's strength and experience will also impact on the shape of the trampoline needed

The table below describes the most common trampoline shapes available and also their uses:



Rectangle or square

Rectangular shaped trampolines are commonly used in competitive sporting, as these offer the best quality of bounce needed for athletes to achieve high jumps. These types are better for users who some experience in using trampolines and have more advanced technique. Children's trampolines are often square shaped with a small bar for support.

Circular or Round

This shape is the most popular, and these are good trampolines for families with children. The bounce on a round trampoline is not as strong as a rectangular trampoline due to the way the springs all point to the centre. This makes it an ideal trampoline for younger users. Round trampolines often come with netting around the edges to provide a safe jumping environment for the users.


This shape is least common, but due to the nature of the springs, the tension for the user is placed evenly which produces a very good bounce. Inexperienced users will be less likely to be thrown off balance with an even tension.


Trampolines of this shape are similar to circular ones in the fact that the bounce will be light and easy in the middle of the trampoline. Bouncing towards the edge of the trampoline becomes more difficult, such trampolines are better suited to users with some experience in jumping techniques.

How to Choose a Trampoline

Based on the information given above on the shapes of trampolines available, it is now vital to ask some questions to help with the purchasing decision.

* Is the person using the trampoline using it for sport practice?

* What is the weight of the user(s)?

* What is the age of the intended user(s)?

If the user will be using the trampoline to practise jumping, then the right shaped would be a rectangular trampoline as these are designed to offer more lift and in general are more durable. If the user will only use the trampoline for playing on or light exercise, then a circular trampoline is likely to be a better option.

The buyer must take into account the weight of the users and if it is likely to change, such as children growing. A circular trampoline may be ideal initially but a rectangular trampoline would be a better investment over the years.

Oval trampolines offer a good blend between a round trampoline and a rectangular trampoline. It offers the bounce and performance from a round trampoline and offers the safety of the round trampoline. This shape of trampoline is also extremely good for smaller gardens or unusually shaped gardens.

Five Top Reasons to Buy a Trampoline on eBay

When it comes to looking for a good trampoline online, eBay offers many advantages:

* Easy and convenient to look at a wide range of trampolines.

* There are many reliable top rated sellers who have honest customer feedback.

* Many sellers offer warranties and free postage for trampolines.

* Fantastic bidding system means the user doesn't have to break their budget.

* Secure payment methods like PayPal makes payment straightforward and easy.

How to Buy a Trampoline On eBay

To begin looking for a trampoline go to the eBay home portal: www.ebay.co.uk and select theToys & Games category. From there select the Outdoor Toys & Activities. Enter the shape of the trampoline first, and then 'trampoline' afterwards, so for example if looking for a rectangular trampolines, search for 'Rectangular Trampoline' or ' Round Trampoline' to browse the listings available.

When purchasing a trampoline the buyer will want to consider, the following table outlines some features:




Trampolines will come in several conditions and this will depend on the buyer's preference. If they are happy with purchasing a used trampoline, they can add this option to their search by selecting the 'used' option. This similarly can be done for trampolines in a new condition. Some sellers may not have specified the condition of the trampoline they are selling; this will come under 'not specified'.


Some sellers offer free postage/delivery, these will be popular listings and are normally offered by businesses on eBay. Express delivery can be selected as well as the destination the seller will ship to.


The buyer should research the range of prices when it comes to trampolines, depending which shape they have chosen to purchase. The buyer can also search for listings between specific values, for example to look for listings between £25 and £150.

Once the above aspects have been considered and a listing has been found, the next step is to look at the listing in closer detail. When looking at buying a used trampoline there are some questions to ask about the listing:

* Are there lots of pictures of the listing?

* Have key features been described in the listing's description?

* Is the seller offering warranties or insurance?

Don't hesitate to contact the seller about the listing, they will be more than happy to answer any enquiries. Such trampolines like Professional Trampolines will typically come from private sellers. Private sellers will offer different postage options, but for used trampolines it will be more common to offer collection. It is therefore advisable to look at the distance of the item before making a purchasing decision. Listings can also be found closer to the buyer's postcode by selecting the 'Distance: Nearest First' option from the drop down menu at the top of the listing's page. The buyer should also take into account the cost of the petrol and also how to transport the trampoline.

When buying a trampoline in new condition, there is a great advantage as on eBay there are many sellers who specialise in outdoor equipment like trampolines. Sellers like these will offer a wide range of trampolines in a range of sizes and shapes. The advantage of buying from a business seller is that the postage is often free or a small sum to have it delivered. Businesses which sell trampolines on eBay will have good customer feedback and it possible to the most popular sellers or 'shops'.

To narrow down the range of listings to business sellers on eBay, simply select the ' Top Rated eBay Sellers ' on the left hand side. Before making a purchasing decision it is best to look at the amount and type of feedback the seller has, this will ensure that the trampolines is

The two main ways of making a purchase on eBay are the ' Auction ' and 'Buy it Now' options. The auction option is advantageous as it allows the buyer to put in a price they wish to pay for the item, although because it is an auction system the buyer can be outbid on the item.

In general it is best to set a personal limit and not to exceed that limit as when a bid is made on eBay, the buyer is entering into a legal contract to ensure payment for the item if they win. 'Buy it now' options are perfect for buyers who wish only pay the price stated. Listings with buy it now will also offer good postage options.

Extra Advice When Buying a Trampoline

* Check the warranty on the trampoline. This is down to the preference of the buyer but due to the fact trampolines are likely to see a lot of use, a warranty can be handy to have.

* Spare parts for the trampoline- A good quality trampoline will be bring joy for many years to come but having some spare pieces such as springs will ensure a good long life for the trampoline.

* Take the trampoline down in winter and store in a warm, dry place. This will prevent the metal from rusting over time.


It will come down to personal preference when selecting a trampoline, but the advice given in this guide will help making the decision a little easier. The advantages of using eBay are endless when it comes to looking for outdoor toys and activities for the family. The range of trampolines is ever expanding and evolving online, and eBay is the perfect place to browse the range of brands from the comfort of home.

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