What to Look for When Buying Royal Crown Derby

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What to Look for When Buying Royal Crown Derby

The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company is one of the oldest ceramic brands in England and the world. Derby artisans craft valuable paperweights, china tableware, giftware, and collectables, amongst other items. You can learn about the types of Royal Crown Derby products and their features to start a collection of your own or give someone a special family heirloom.


Royal Crown Derby Tableware

The product range from Royal Crown Derby is extensive. The tableware from Derby includes stylish and elegant dishes that could grace any dining table. The available tableware patterns contain classic as well as contemporary images that could be simple and in one colour, such as the Elizabeth Gold and Gold Aves, or feature elaborate colour combinations like the Olde Avesbury or Traditional Imari 2451. Some tableware items belong to the exclusive collection. These are, more specifically, the Rich Gold tableware items with patterns such as Regency, Heritage, and Kaleidoscope.


Royal Crown Derby Collectables

Derby collectables include a wide selection of paperweights in shapes of different animals as well as visitor centre exclusives that the company only sells at its manufacturing centre, though you can purchase these from other sellers. Royal Crown Derby also produces a wide variety of giftware that makes exciting and fun presents for anyone. The gifts, in fact, are a combination of the previous two categories, containing tableware and paperweights, although you can also find books and DVDs.


Antique Royal Crown Derby Products

When buying antique Royal Crown Derby products, you are probably making an investment in a collectible item. Check the trademarks and year cyphers underneath the pieces in order to ensure that you are buying a genuine item. The Royal Crown Derby logo incorporates a crown and sometimes two crossed swords. Often you can also find the "Made in England" inscription. The marks for identifying Derby porcelain have varied, as the company has had several different factories over the years, including the Nottingham Road, King Street, and Osmaston factories. Until 1938, the year of manufacture was stamped with a different design for each year, but after that, the company adopted Roman numerals.


Check the Condition

When buying Royal Crown Derby antique pieces or used porcelain, pay attention to the condition and details of the piece or pieces. Examine the pieces for any cracks and wear. Over time, the enamel and colours can start to fade if the previous owner has not kept the piece properly. Another thing to keep in mind is that the company does sell what it terms second pieces. These objects have some kind of deficiency but are still genuine. The company itself marks them with a silver stopper while normal products are marked with a gold stopper.

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