What to Look for When Buying Used Hello Magazines

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What to Look for When Buying Used Hello Magazines

Some people like to keep up on all the latest news, but reading about the news from the past can also be interesting. One way to do this is to purchase older Hello magazines. The publication has existed since 1988 and specialises in sharing all the recent celebrity news and gossip. Vintage magazine editions that covered major events can even be valuable.



Used magazines are graded according to their condition. Ones that receive the highest rating, a 10, are in perfect condition. They appear as they did the day they were printed with no fading, tears, or even folds. If possible, they should be in a plastic casing. Perfect magazines have never even been opened. Mint condition magazines are also in perfect condition but may have been read a few times. Near mint Hello magazines can show signs of fading. Magazines in excellent condition have been read, are slightly worn, but were otherwise well looked after. From here on, the grading gets worse, so pay attention to the what the magazine looks like.


Special Issues

Collectors who want valuable magazines need to search for editions that covered major events. For example, the Diamond Jubilee Hello Magazine and both of the Royal Wedding Hello Magazine editions are worth collecting. Additionally, since Hello magazine is also published in other countries, such as Argentina, Greece, Canada, and Mexico, shoppers can also look for issues that mention famous events in those regions.



A collection of similar Hello issues that follow a particular theme can also be valuable. For example, some people collect every end of the year edition, which features designations likes "Most Attractive Man" and "Most Attractive Woman". Another idea is to purchase any edition that features royalty like Princess Diana, supermodels like Cindy Crawford or other well-known people.


First Editions

First editions are usually more valuable than later ones. Whether it is the first edition ever issued or the first of the year, anything which has "Vol. 1 or No. 1" is worth looking into. First appearances are also more valuable. Once celebrities become famous, their fans tend to look back at what they did before they made it big. One way to do this is to look at interviews in Hello at the start of their career.

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