What to Look for When Buying a Black Diamond

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Distinctive and rare, black diamonds are worn by both men and women alike. They range in colour from pure, inky black to lighter, smoky shades. Some are natural, while others are cultured or enhanced. Whether searching for a black diamond necklace or black diamond pendant, these stones bring distinctive characteristics to any jewellery.

Natural Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds, also referred to as carbonados, are composed of a large number of tiny crystals. Renowned for their rarity, these diamonds demand high prices. They tend to have more graphite inclusions than other diamonds, making them difficult to cut without fracturing the stone.

Cultured Black Diamonds

Cultured, or cultivated, black diamonds make up most of the black diamond market. These coloured diamonds are created using one of two methods. Made from carbon, they are chemically identical in makeup to natural black diamonds mined from the earth and virtually impossible to differentiate without the use of special equipment.

Enhanced Black Diamonds

The number of inclusions determines clarity. Still, surface blemishes, such as scratches, nicks, and abrasions, can also reduce clarity. Generally speaking, black diamonds with less inclusions and blemishes are higher quality, and therefore, of greater value. These natural gemstones are graded on a scale, with flawless being most desirable and declasse diamonds being the least desired. Moreover, clarity can directly affect the diamond's brilliance, as inclusions can block the light from reflecting inside. Still, carats are a unit of measurement that refers to the black diamond mass. Generally speaking, since the density of a black diamond is greater, a one carat black diamond appears smaller than a one carat white diamond

Cut and Colour

Well-cut black diamonds are appreciated for their light refraction, which serves to create a brilliance and sparkle. These diamonds have a simple cut composed of 16 facets. Jewellers use a standardised set of shapes as patterns for cutting black diamonds; shape is of utmost importance when shopping for a black diamond ring. Common black diamond shapes include princess, heart, round, marquise, pear, and emerald. Additionally, it should also be symmetrical and even and have an evenly distributed colour throughout. Black diamonds are graded on depth of colour and the strength of the hue.

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